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NOTE: These regulations will be used as guidelines for Admission for 1999, 2000 and 2001.

1) Applications for Admission are considered once a year to the Fall semester only. The deadline for submission of applications is February 1. Consideration will be given to the courses for which students are registered at the time of application.

Admission to the Bachelor of Education (Primary) or (Elementary) degree programme entitles a student to enrol in the Professional year of the programme.

2) To be considered for admission to the Bachelor of Education (Primary) and (Elementary) degree programmes, students must have successfully completed sixty credit hours as outlined below with either a cumulative average of at least 65% or an average of at least 65% on the last thirty credit hours which they have successfully completed.

The sixty credit hours are:

a) twelve credit hours in English including two first year courses and English 2390 and English 3650.

b) Mathematics 1050 and 1051. (Not required for students completing a concentration in Mathematics)

c) Psychology 1000 and Psychology 1001.

d) Science 1150 and 1151; or Science 1000 (with laboratory) and Science 1001 (with laboratory); or nine credit hours in Science, three credit hours each to be chosen from Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences or Physics. (Not required for students completing a concentration in Science)

e) French 1010 and 1011 or equivalent.

f) six credit hours chosen in any combination from one or more of the following areas of Anthropology, Economics, Folklore, Geography, History, Political Science, and Sociology.

g) fifteen credit hours from one area of concentration.

h) Additional credits chosen from any subject areas outside of Education.

3) In assessing application to the Bachelor of Education (Primary) and (Elementary) degree programmes, consideration will be given to the following:

the average on the common core of courses required for admission from Clauses 2) a)-e) above;

the overall academic performance;

a personal statement and resume as outlined on the application to the Faculty of Education.

4) The Faculty reserves the right to deny admission to a candidate who, in the opinion of the Selections Committee, is deemed unsuitable for admission to a programme.

5) In special circumstances, the Undergraduate Studies Committee on recommendation from the Admissions Committee may, at its discretion, consider an applicant or group of applicants as an exception to the requirements outlined in Clauses 2 and 3.

NOTES: 1) In all regulations following, the Office of Student Services will consult with the Dean, Faculty of Education, regarding programme matters.

2) Students who decline an offer of admission to the Faculty of Education, or who do not register for courses during the academic year in which admission is granted must, if they wish to be subsequently considered for admission, submit a new application in competition with other applicants.

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