Faculty of Education


1) To continue in the programme, students must successfully complete all courses and attain an overall average of at least 65% in courses taken in each semester.

2) Students failing to attain an average of at least 65% at the end of the first semester will be required to withdraw from the programme. Such students may reapply for admission to the programme in the next year. Their applications will be considered in competition with all others. Students, if readmitted, must repeat the first semester of their programmes.

3) Students failing to attain an average of at least 65% during their internship will either:

a) be required to withdraw from the programme


b) with the recommendation of the Office of Student Services, Faculty of Education, repeat the internship in another school setting.

4) Notwithstanding Clauses 1 through 3, the Undergraduate Studies Committee, on recommendation from the Admissions Committee, reserves the right to require students to withdraw from the Faculty at any time if, in the opinion of the Committee, they are deemed unsuitable for continued attendance.

5) In exceptional circumstances, waiver of these regulations may be granted by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies, Faculty of Education, on advice of the Office of Undergraduate Student Services.

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