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A student has a right to see his or her final examination script. However, the script is deemed to be the property of the University and the University retains full possession and control of the script at all times. While the University recognizes the right of a student to have access to his/her final examination script, subject to the conditions outlined below, this policy upholds the authority and judgement of the examiner in evaluation. It should also be noted that while this policy governs students' access to examination scripts, re-reading of examination papers is governed by separate regulations included in this Calendar.


A student may submit a written request to the Head of an academic unit (Dean or Director in the case of non-departmentalized unit) in which a course is offered for permission to view his/her final examination script subject to the following conditions:

a) Any such request must be made following release of examination results for the semester in which the course was taken, and within one month of the release by the University of the grade reports.

b) The final examination must be viewed in the presence of the course instructor or other person delegated by the Head of the academic unit (Dean or Director in the case of a non-departmentalized unit). Both the instructor and the student have the right to be accompanied by a registered student or a member of the faculty or staff of the University.

c) The final examination script must not be taken away or tampered with in any way by the student.

NOTE: In the case of the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, for Dean, read Principal of the College, for Head of Academic Unit, read Head of Department or Co-ordinator of the Department as appropriate.

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