University Regulations

Fees and Charges

Admission to the University

Academic Advising

General Academic Regulations (Undergraduate)
A. Explanation of Terms
B. Provision for Waiver of Regulations
C. Appeals Policy and Procedures
D. Classification of Students
E. Guidelines Governing Year of Degree and Departmental Regulations Which a Student Will Follow
F. Classification of Degrees
G. Residence Requirements for First Degree
H. Regulations for a Second Degree
I. Application for Degrees, Diplomas and Certain Certificates
J. Regular Registration Period
K. Policy Governing the Auditing of Courses
L. Course Load
M. Distance Education Credit Courses
N. Special Topics Courses
O. Credit by Private Study
P. Changes in Registered Courses
Q. Withdrawals from University
R. Attendance
S. Regulations for Examinations and Evaluations
T. Guidelines Governing the Scheduling of Final Examinations
U. Policy and Procedures Governing Access to Final Examination Scripts
V. Aegrotat Status
W. Re-reading of Examination Papers
X. Procedures Governing Academic Dishonesty: Undergraduate Students
Y. Regulations for Re-admission

Non-Academic Regulations

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