University Regulations


Memorial University offers certain credit courses by distance education, an educational process in which a significant proportion of the instruction is conducted by an instructor removed in space and/or time from the learner. These courses which may include components of correspondence instruction, video-tapes, audio-tapes and teleconferencing are open to students who have been admitted to the University and who have the necessary prerequisites for each course. Policies on enrollment limitations that may be instituted under Note 5, Regulation A. ADMISSION TO THE UNIVERSITY apply to distance education courses as needed.

Distance education courses, offered by other recognized universities or university colleges and applicable for credit towards their degree programmes, may be recognized for transfer credit as per Admission Regulation 6. TRANSFERS FROM OTHER UNIVERSITIES/COLLEGES.

NOTES: 1) Courses completed by distance education off-campus cannot be used to fulfill Clause 1 of the Residence Requirements for a First Degree.

2) Registration in distance education courses is subject to the overall University Regulations.

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