University Regulations


1. Individuals auditing courses must have met the University's admission or re-admission requirements as stated in the University Calendar.

2. In order to audit any course, an individual must receive permission from the instructor in that course and the administrative head of the unit in which the course is offered. Matters to be considered shall include class size, impact on credit students and other factors judged relevant by the academic unit; and permission cannot be given until the number of registrations for credit is known.

3. Individuals auditing courses shall limit their participation to that deemed appropriate by the instructor; auditors are not permitted to write formal examinations, nor to have their work formally assessed.

4. Audited courses will not be considered as meeting prerequisites, admission, or course requirements for any undergraduate programmes nor will audited courses be listed on the individual's transcript of university studies.

Last modified on October 8, 1997 by MaryJane Puxley

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