University Regulations


1. Candidates for their first Bachelor's degree shall have completed, as full-time and/or part-time students, a minimum of twenty-four credit hours through attendance at classes on the campus of a recognized university or university college.

NOTE: Notwithstanding Clause 1, Distance Education courses may be used to fulfil the Residence Requirements of the non-co-operative degrees of Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Business Administration (Honours), and Bachelor of Nursing (Post-RN).

2.a) Candidates shall complete at this University the last thirty credit hours required for the degree as full-time and/or part-time students.

b) Courses taken at universities/colleges which are included in formal institutional exchange agreements with this University are not subject to the requirements of Clause 2.a) above.

c) Notwithstanding the requirement in Clause 2 above, where special circumstances warrant, and only if at least half the courses required for the degree are completed at this University, the appropriate Committee on Undergraduate Studies may permit candidates to complete not more than fifteen of the last thirty credit hours or equivalent required for the degree at another University, provided the courses which comprise those credit hours are approved by the appropriate Department.

3. Students who have taken courses in the subject of their Major at another University are required to complete at least twelve credit hours in that subject at this University.

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