Dean Law, A.G., B.A., M.A. British Columbia, Ph.D. Georgia Institute of Technology; Professor of Computer Science

Associate Dean Gardner, G.A., B.Sc. Guelph, M.Sc., Ph.D. British Columbia; Associate Professor of Biology

Associate Dean (Research) Davidson, W.S., B.Sc. Edinburgh, Ph.D. Queen's; Professor of Biochemistry

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General Faculty of Science Regulations

Regulations Governing the General Degree of Bachelor of Science

Regulations Governing the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Science

Joint B.Sc. Programmes

Departmental Faculty Lists, Programmes, and Courses


Admission to certain major programmes within the Faculty is limited and competitive.

Admission to all major programmes within the Faculty is upon formal application to the department of the subject of major after completion of the admission requirements.

Unless otherwise indicated by the Departmental Admission Regulations as published in the University Calendar under departmental regulations, students upon formal application by Change of Academic Programme Form, are normally admitted to the department of major programme upon successful completion of thirty credit hours which must include:

a) Six credit hours in English courses
b) Six credit hours in Mathematics courses
c) Six credit hours in courses from each of two Sciences other than Mathematics.

Students seeking admission to departments with Departmental Admission Regulations as indicated above must apply for admission on the appropriate Departmental Application for Admission Form upon completion of the specified admission requirements.


Certain course offerings in the Faculty of Science will be identified as being Limited Enrolment Courses and will be clearly identified as such in the University Timetable. Students who have registered for a Limited Enrolment Course must confirm their registration either (1) by attending at least one of the first three hours of lecture in the course and the first meeting of any laboratory section of the course; or (2) by notifying the department in writing within the first five university working days of the semester. Students who do not confirm their registration may be dropped from the course on the recommendation of the Head of Department.


1) Supplementary examinations will be allowed in certain of the Biochemistry and Physics courses which have written final examinations. In each course, students will be informed as to the possibility of a supplementary examination during the first week of classes. This information will be provided in writing, as part of the evaluation scheme for the course.

2) Supplementary examinations will be similar in length and degree of difficulty as the original final examination.

3) Students who wish to write supplementary examinations must apply in writing to the department within one week of release of grades.

4) A student who has clear or conditional standing may write a supplementary examination in a course if the final grade obtained is 45F and if his or her term mark is at least 50%.

5) In order to pass the course, the student, must pass the supplementary examination. If the student passes the supplementary examination, then a new grade will be calculated using the same weighting scheme as used in the course, but with the result of the supplementary examination replacing that of the original final examination. Any additional course requirements, including a requirement to pass the laboratory component of a course, will continue to apply.

6) If the new course grade is higher than the original, it will replace the original grade on the student's transcript, subject to the condition that the final mark will not exceed the student's term mark. The student's transcript will indicate that the course result was earned as the result of a supplementary examination.

7) Supplementary examinations will be written no later than the first week of the semester immediately following the one in which the course was failed. Normally they will coincide with the writing of deferred examinations. Grades for supplementary examinations will be submitted to the Registrar's office within one week following the commencement of classes for that semester.

8) A student may write a supplementary examination for any one registration in a course only once; if the course result following the supplementary examination is a fail then the course must be repeated in order to obtain credit.


Where circumstances warrant, any prerequisite or prerequisites listed in Departmental Regulations may be waived by the Head of the Department. Any Department Regulations may be waived by the appropriate Committee on Undergraduate Studies upon request of the Head of the Department concerned.

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