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1. A programme leading to the Diploma in Clinical Counselling for Addictions is offered by the School of Social Work. The intention of this programme is to prepare students for professional responsibilities in the area of psychosocial counselling with persons affected by substance use and abuse.

2. To be eligible for admission to this diploma programme a student must have graduated from a recognized post-secondary institution with either a baccalaureate degree in social work from an accredited programme, or have completed another degree in a related profession deemed acceptable by the Admissions Committee of the School of Social Work. Students admitted to this Diploma programme with a degree other than social work, require at least one year of acceptable experience in psychosocial counselling.

3. Admission to the Diploma in Clinical Counselling for Addictions is on the basis of competition for a limited number of places. Selection of Candidates will be based on:

a) academic performance, and;
b) relevant work experience.

The School reserves the right to deny admission to any student if, in the judgement of the Admissions Committee, she/he is deemed unsuitable for this Diploma programme.

4. Students transferring into this Diploma programme from another University must meet the general admission requirements of this University as well as the regulations for admission to the Diploma in Clinical Counselling for Addictions.

5. Students accepted into the programme must complete:

- Social Work 4616. Social Work in Addictions.
- Social Work 5329. Biopsychosocial Assessment in Addictions.
- Social Work 5000. Relapse Prevention in Addictions Counselling.
- Social Work 5010. Addictions Counselling with Families.
- Social Work 5020. Group Counselling in Addictions.
- Social Work 5030. Clinical Practicum in Addictions.

6. To remain in good standing in the Diploma programme, students are required to obtain a minimum 65% grade in each of the six required courses, as outlined in clause 5 above. Failure to meet this requirement will result in a student being required to withdraw from the Diploma programme.

7. Number 6 above notwithstanding, students who fail to meet the requirements of clause 6, may be permitted to repeat one required course upon written application to the Director of the School of Social Work. Only one such application will be permitted.

8. Students who are required to withdraw from the diploma programme and who wish to re-enter the programme may re-apply in competition after a lapse of, at least, two semesters.

9. Students who have completed Social Work 4616 or Social Work 5329 as part of the B.S.W. programme, do not need to repeat them.

10. Upon completion of the eighteen required credit hours, a student will be eligible for the award of the Diploma in Clinical Counselling for Addictions.

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