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Programme Chair: Dr. J. Greenlee

This is a four year single-discipline General Degree. As such, it follows the general degree regulations for the Bachelor of Arts at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College.

Degree Regulations:

This specialization consists of a minimum of 42 credit hours in History courses, 15 more credit hours in courses drawn from a prescribed list of courses from other disciplines, and 24 credit hours in Cognate Courses.

The selection of Historical Studies credits shall be based on the following regulations:

1. History 1000 and 1001 or History 1100 and 1101 are prerequisites for all other courses.

2. Students must also complete a six-credit hour Historical Studies core specialization requirement consisting of History 3840 (Historical Methods) and History 4950 (Independent Project in Historical Studies).

3. In addition to the requirements in (1) and (2) above, students will be required to take 12 credit hours from courses in each of the two following categories: Early Western History and Later Western History.

NOTE: When selecting these courses, students should note that the general College regulations require the completion of a minimum of 12 credit hours in 3000-level courses in the area of specialization.

A) Early Western History (Choose 4)

History/Classics 2035 (History of Classical Greece)
History/Classics 2040 (History of Rome)
History 2100 (North Atlantic History to 1820)
History 2320 (Medieval Europe to 1050)
History 2330 (Medieval Europe 1050 to the Reformation)
History 2300 (Introduction to Modern European History: 1500-1789)
History/Art Hist. 2700 (Art History Survey I)
History 3050 (History of Warfare to 1789)
History 3110 (History of Newfoundland to 1815)
History/Anth. 3520 (The Early Ethnography of North America's Native Peoples)
History 3760 (Women in Western Society and Culture [I])

B) Later Western History (Choose 4)

History 2110 (North Atlantic History Since 1820)
History 2200 (Canadian History 1497 to 1867)
History 2210 (Canada Since 1867)
History 2310 (Europe in the Nineteenth Century: 1789-1914)
History/Art Hist. 2701 (Art History Survey II)
History 3060 (History of Warfare Since 1789)
History 3100 (History of the Maritime Provinces of Canada Since 1600)
History 3120 (Modern Newfoundland Since 1815)
History 3250 (Migration History of North America)
History 3440 (History of the British Empire and Commonwealth Since 1815)
History 3460 (British History Since 1714)
History/Anth. 3525 (Later Ethnohistory of North America's Native Peoples)
History/Econ 3630 (Canadian Economic History in the 20th Century)
History 3770 (Women in Western Society and Culture [II])
History 3800-3830 (Contemporary Problems in Historical Perspective)

4. Students will complete at least six credit hours in 4000-level History courses from the following list (no more than three credit hours from any single category):

History 4110-4130 (Special Topics, North Atlantic History)
History 4210-4229 (Special Topics, North American History)
History 4240-4260 (Special Topics, Canadian History)
History 4310-4330 (Special Topics, European History)
History 4230-4231 (Special Topics, Newfoundland History I/II)
History/Art Hist. 4730-4731 (Modern Art I/II)

5. Students will complete fifteen credit hours in courses from the following list. These are courses that are thematically or methodologically relevant to the study of history (students may be allowed to take others with permission of the Programme Chair). Applicable courses used to satisfy the Cognate requirements may also be counted as Historical Studies credits. No more than six credit hours from any one discipline will be counted as Historical Studies credits. The selection of these courses must be approved by the Programme Chair.

Anthropology 1031 (Introduction to Social and Cultural Anthropology)

Economics 2010 (Introduction to Microeconomics I)
Economics 2020 (Introduction to Macroeconomics)

English 2005 (Literary Survey I)
English 2006 (Literary Survey II)
English 2007 (Literary Survey III)

Folklore 1000 (Introduction to Folklore)
Folklore 1050 (Folklore Studies)
Folklore 2401 (Folklife Studies)

French 1050 (First Year French I)
French 1051 (First Year French II)
French 2100 (Intermediate French I)
French 2101 (Intermediate French II)
French 2550 (Introduction to French Literature I)
French 2551 (Introduction to French Literature II)

Geography 1000 (Introduction to Geography I)
Geography 1001 (Introduction to Geography II)
Geography 2001 (Cultural Geography)

Philosophy 1001 (Philosophy of Human Nature)
Philosophy 2701 (History of Ancient Philosophy)
Philosophy 3400 (Political Philosophy)

Political Science 1000 (Introduction to Politics)
Political Science 2000 (Introduction to Political Thought)
Political Science 2500 (Introduction to Political Behaviour)

Religious Studies 2013 (Introduction to Christianity)
Religious Studies 2050 (Introduction to the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament)
Religious Studies 2051 (Introduction to the New Testament)

Sociology 2000 (Principles of Sociology)
Sociology 3040 (Introduction to Methods of Social Research)
Sociology 3150 (Classical Social Theory)

6. Candidates for the Historical Studies degree must also complete a coherent set of 24 credit hours in cognate courses in one or a balanced combination of two disciplines. Cognates will be approved in consultation with the Programme Chair of History and the Programme Chair of other disciplines concerned. For general regulations concerning cognate courses, see the Core Programme requirements under the Grenfell College section of this calendar.

7. Students will normally be allowed to register in History courses having the initial digit '3' only after they have successfully completed six credit hours in courses having the initial digit '2'.

8. Students will normally be allowed to register in History courses having the initial digit '4' only after they have successfully completed six credit hours in courses having the initial digit '3'.

9. In addition to meeting the requirements above, candidates must also fulfil all the Bachelor of Arts Degree requirements including those defined in the College Core Programme as outlined in the Core Programme Requirements section of the Grenfell College portion of this calendar.

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