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Programme Chair: D. Carroll


The B.A. in Environmental Studies requires the completion of at least one hundred twenty credit hours. The student will complete an Environmental Studies Core (fifty-one credit hours), providing a broad appreciation of the interrelationships inherent in any study of the environment, and a more specific concentration (twenty-one credit hours) which will provide the depth and focus for the degree programme. Students must ensure that their chosen combination of required and elective courses meets the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College Core Programme requirements.

Students will be required to take the following courses:

Anthropology 3083. Cultural Crises and the Environment
Economics 2010. Introduction to Microeconomics
Environmental Science 2370. Global Environmental Change
Environmental Studies 1000. Introduction to Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies 2000. Introduction to Mapping, Remote Sensing, and Geographical Information Systems
Environmental Studies 3000. Issues in Environmental Economics
Environmental Studies 4000. Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Studies 4010. Seminar in Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies 4950. Independent Research Project
Folklore 2600. Regional Folklore
Geography 1000 and 1001. Introduction to Physical and Human Geography
Geography 2102. Physical Geography
Geography 2220. Research Design and Quantitative Methods
Geography 3325. Natural Resources
Philosophy 2809. Environmental Ethics
Political Science 3731. Environmental Policy

In addition to the courses listed above, students will be required to take a concentration of twenty-one credit hours from one of two designated concentrations:


Geography 3901. Special Topics in Geography - "State of the Earth"

Eighteen credit hours from the following courses at least nine credit hours of which must be at the third or fourth year level:

Anthropology 3080. Third World
Biology 2041. Modern Biology and Human Society II
Environmental Science 2371. Oceanography
Folklore 2401. Folklife Studies
Geography 2001. Cultural Geography
Geography 2302. Economic Geography
Political Science 3550. Politics and the Environment
Religious Studies 3880. Spirituality and the Earth
Sociology 2120. Technology and Society
Geography 4405. Outdoor Recreation Resources and Planning
Physical Education 3550. Outdoor Recreation Management


Environmental Studies 2210. Outdoor Environmental Pursuits I
Environmental Studies 2220. Outdoor Environmental Pursuits II
Environmental Studies 3210. Expedition
Physical Education 3560. Tourism/Commercial Recreation
Physical Education 4550. Leadership and Supervision
Physical Education 4570. Issues in Recreation
Geography 4405. Outdoor Recreational Resources and Planning
Physical Education 3550. Outdoor Recreation Management

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