Sir Wilfred Grenfell College


All candidates must complete the following literacy, numeracy, science literacy and general education requirements.

a) Literacy

Thirty credit hours in Writing Courses (identified with the designation W) including a first-year English sequence. Six credit hours in language may be substituted for any six credit hours in Writing Courses except for first-year English.

b) Numeracy

Successful completion of the General Mathematical Skills Test, and either six credit hours in Mathematics and/or Statistics, or a sequence of six credit hours in specially designed numeracy courses.

c) Science Concepts and Issues

Science 3000 and 3001.

d) General Education

Eighteen credit hours in General Education courses from the following groups. (The courses must be chosen from at least three groups; courses must be taken in at least four of the listed subject areas; no more than six credit hours may be chosen from each group.)

Group A: Art History, Classics, Literature, Theatre

Group B: Folklore, History, Languages, Philosophy, Religious Studies

Group C: Anthropology, Education, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Physical Education, Economics, Business, Women's Studies

Group D: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Environmental Science

Courses that are to be included in these groups shall fulfill the requirements of what is defined as General Education and will be identified with the designation GE.

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