School of Nursing


Diploma Programmes are offered in

A) Outpost Nursing

B) Community and Primary Health Care Nursing

C) Nurse-Midwifery

These programmes are designed to develop the student's knowledge and proficiency for the practice of Nursing in semi-isolated and isolated communities where professional health services are limited. Emphasis is on health-related concerns particular to Labrador and other northern regions of Canada.

Terminal Objectives:

The graduate will be prepared:

1) To function as a professional Nurse in rural, semi-isolated and isolated areas.

2) To apply specific knowledge and skills in the management of health care to individuals, families, and communities.

3) To assess and plan for the maintenance and promotion of health and well-being and prevention of physical, emotional and social dysfunctioning.

4) To make clinical judgements in the management of emergency health situations and the diagnosis and treatment of common health problems in collaboration with physicians and other health team members.

5) To manage the health needs of the family and in particular, the mother and her infant, during the child-bearing cycle in collaboration with physicians and other health team members.

6) To develop a greater understanding of and sensitivity to cultural, social and environmental factors and incorporating this knowledge into Nursing practice.

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