School of Nursing

Suggested Sequencing of Courses for the
Bachelor of Nursing Programme

YEAR 3 N4321 Mental Health I

Statistics 2500 or equivalent

N4030 Aged I

N4330 Aged II

3 elective credit hours

N4002 Research II

N5210 Health Care Systems

N4322 Mental Health II


3 elective credit hours

(16 weeks)

4 of the following:

N5311 Care of Childbearing Families

N5312 Care of Children and Families

N5313 Care of the Aged

N5314 Care of Adults in Acute Care Settings

N5315 Mental Health Nursing

YEAR 4 N4010 Community I

N4310 Community II

Business 2301

6 elective credit hours

N5310 Community Health Nursing (4 week clinical practicum)

N5000 Advanced Nursing Practice I

N5300 Advanced Nursing Practice II

N5220 Professional Issues

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