School of Nursing

Admission Requirements

A student who has not taken a course in the Bachelor of Nursing (Post-RN) programme within 6 semesters will be withdrawn from the programme so that other applicants may be accommodated.

1) For the purpose of admission to the School of Nursing, a Registered Nurse is a Nurse who is currently registered in Newfoundland or eligible to register in Newfoundland.

b) It is required that students have a current, practising licence in Newfoundland before taking courses with clinical components.

NOTE: Qualified applicants will be admitted to the programme as resources permit.

2) Admission to the School of Nursing is on the basis of competition for a limited number of places. Selection of candidates will normally be based on academic performance in the following twelve credit hours required for the programme.

- three science credit hours (refer to science requirements below)

- three first year English credit hours

- three Philosophy credit hours from the 2800 to 2810 series or Religious Studies 2610

- three elective credit hours

b) Preference for admission will be given to applicants with at least one year of experience in clinical practice.

NOTE: Post-RN students not admitted to the School of Nursing may be permitted to take the 2000 level nursing courses as space permits.

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