School of Nursing


1) The Memorial University School of Nursing constitutes the examining body for all School of Nursing examinations. The standing of every student will be assessed at the end of each academic semester by the Undergraduate Studies Committee, and a grade report will be issued by the Registrar of Memorial University of Newfoundland to the individual stu-dent.

2) Students are required to achieve a grade of at least 65% or a grade of PAS as appropriate in each of the required nursing courses.

3) A student may be required to withdraw from a nursing course with a clinical component or from the programme at any time, on the recommendation of the Undergraduate Studies Committee, if the student is deemed unlikely to profit from continued attendance in the nursing course or programme and/or is deemed unsafe in a clinical setting.

4) Students failing to achieve the requirements outlined in Clause 2 or who are required to withdraw from a nursing course under Clause 3 are permitted to repeat the given nursing course only once. A second failure or a second mandatory withdrawal from a given nursing course requires withdrawal from the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Programme.

5) Failure in excess of three nursing courses during the programme results in mandatory withdrawal from the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Programme.

6) Students who are required to withdraw from the programme and who wish to re-enter the programme may reapply in competition after the lapse of two semesters. A student who has been required to withdraw on more than one occasion may re-apply in competition for re-admission after the lapse of six semesters.

7) Students appealing matters such as admission, readmission, examinations and promotion must make their appeal in writing, clearly stating the basis of the appeal, to the Chair, Undergraduate Studies Committee. Appeals cannot be made on the basis of grades awarded in individual courses, as the student will normally have had the opportunity of contesting a grade after notification.

8) In special cases the Undergraduate Studies Committee may waive the course requirements that apply only to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Programme.

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