Bachelor of Maritime Studies

The Bachelor of Maritime Studies degree is a professional degree designed to educate and train students who will initially proceed to careers in the marine transportation industry. The programme is developed to provide a fundamental technical component which fulfils licensing requirements for seagoing personnel coupled with a broader academic component exposing the student to contemporary organizational and human resource management theory and practice as well as providing an insight into economics and social sciences in the global context.

The student's academic and technical education is interspersed with periods of seagoing experience. The graduate of the intensive programme is well positioned for a career in today's marine transportation industry.

The degree programme is structured to provide two entry options. Students can proceed straight through the programme from initial entry. The design of the programme with a basic first year component, a technical component, and an enrichment component facilitates entry into the programme with advanced standing for those who have completed a diploma at the Marine Institute or some other maritime academy.

1. Admission Requirements

a) Applicants without any formal post-secondary education must meet the regular admission requirement of the Marine Institute or the University.

b) Applicants holding a diploma from the Marine Institute in Nautical Science or Marine Engineering Technology awarded after 1993 will be awarded the degree upon satisfactory completion of the additional courses section of the degree regulations.

c) Applicants holding a diploma similar to the Marine Institute diploma in Nautical Science or Marine Engineering Technology will have their status adjudicated relative to the Marine Institute diploma requirements in the appropriate area. Appropriate exemptions will be granted and a course of study developed.

d) Applicants who have Canadian Coast Guard, or equivalent, challenge credits will have their status adjudicated relative to the Marine Institute diploma requirements in the appropriate areas. Appropriate exemptions will be granted and a course of study developed.

e) Applicants who have Canadian Forces (Naval Operations) training of a type and at a level acceptable to the Admissions Committee may be admitted to the programme and will follow a specific course of study.

General Notes

1) The diploma programme is an intensive and demanding programme of study. Students in the programme are expected to be enrolled for full time study and withdrawal from a course may jeopardize the student's ability to complete the programme in the normally allocated time.

2) All courses designated Technical Courses in the programme are restricted to students enrolled in the Maritime Studies programme.

3) Where circumstances warrant prerequisites in the Technical Courses may be waived by the Head, School of Maritime Studies.

4) Specific regulations for the programme may be waived upon approval by the Marine Institute Undergraduate committee on recommendation of the Head, School of Maritime Studies.


To be awarded a Bachelor of Maritime Studies a candidate shall have successfully completed either a Diploma in Nautical Science or Diploma in Marine Engineering Technology, the specific requirements for which are as approved by the Marine Institute Academic Council and documented in the Marine Institute calendar. In addition candidates must complete the following courses.

Elective List

NOTES: a) Course descriptions for the Marine Institute courses may be found in the Marine Institute Calendar. Descriptions for courses elsewhere in the University may be found in appropriate sections of the university calendar.

b) Candidates admitted under clause 1 (b) who completed the appropriate diploma prior to 1993 or under clauses 1(c), 1(d), or 1(e), shall have their qualifications adjudicated and a programme of study developed for them to complete.

Technical Report Project (TR 4000)

This report, which must be completed in the final term of studies, is designed to tie together the final year of the programme with the technical component dealt with in earlier semesters. It gives the student the opportunity to carry out an in-depth study into some particular aspect of the maritime milieu involving such areas as safety, management, national and international regulation, sea-survival or any number of topics involving the business of shipping. The report will be written under the supervision of a faculty member within the School of Maritime Studies and agreement must be reached with a particular faculty member before the study is undertaken.

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