The Memorial University of Newfoundland Students' Union Act, 1968, which incorporated the Students' Union, defines the objectives of the Union as follows: to promote artistic, literary, educational, social, recreational, charitable and sporting activities for the advancement of the interests of its members and others; to act as the official organization of the students of the University; and to co-ordinate, promote and direct the activities of the students of the University.

The objectives of the Union are carried out by many societies, ranging from M.U.N. Radio and the MUSE to the Education Society and the Commerce Society. Every society which has its constitution ratified by the Council is a part of the Union.

The governing body of the Students' Union is the Council which is composed of an elected executive, the President and four Vice-Presidents, and elected representatives from all segments of the student body. The Council is the official liaison between the student body and the administration of the University.

All recognized societies are financed from the Students' Union budget which comes mostly from Students' Union fees. Council offices are located in the Thomson Student Centre.

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