Director: Wayne King
Counsellors: Shari Young, Roger Power
Program Coordinators: Bette Anderson, Bonnie Simmons
Administrative Secretary: Peggy Nixon

Memorial's P.J. Gardiner Institute was the first small business consulting centre to be established within a Canadian university. The objective of the institute is to assist in the economic development of the province through teaching, counselling and research activities.

In addition to assisting in the development of small business management and entrepreneurship courses given at the graduate and undergraduate levels at Memorial 's Faculty of Business Administration, the P.J. Gardiner Institute frequently co-operates with provincial and federal levels of government in the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives. Ongoing projects include the provision of training and resource material to Newfoundland's high school enterprise education teachers and the delivery of a national entrepreneur training programme.

The P.J. Gardiner Institute also provides assistance to small business owners through counselling services which include business planning, market research and product development. As well, the institute supports faculty research activities which focus on small business issues, and maintains a steady involvement in emerging small business initiatives in Atlantic Canada.

The P.J. Gardiner Institute presents the annual Newfoundland and Labrador Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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