D. Vickers; History; Chairperson
M. Baker; Records Management
G.P. Bassler; History
V. Burton; History
A.B. Dickinson; International Programme
L. Fischer; History
G. Handcock; Geography
O. Janzen; History; Sir Wilfred Grenfell College
R.E. Ommer; History
G. Panting; History
C. Sanger; Geography
Head of the Department of History as an observer

Associate Members
Darlene Abreu-Ferreira (Memorial)
P.G. Bannister (Toronto)
Sean Cadigan (Memorial)
Will Clark (Memorial)
David Clarke (Memorial)
P.N. Davies (Liverpool, England)
Calvin Evans (McGill)
H.E.S. Fisher (Exeter, England)
M. Harrington (Memorial)
K.S. Mackenzie (CN Archives
Eileen Marcil (Quebec)
J.F. Munro (Glasgow, Scotland)
H. Nordvik (Norway)
Ayodeji Olukoju (Lagos, Nigeria)
P. Pope (St. John's)
E.W. Sager (Victoria)
M.S. Salmon (Public Archives of Canada)
D.J. Starkey (Exeter, England)
Fred Winsor (Memorial)
Vince Walsh (Memorial)
Miriam Wright (Memorial)

The former Maritime History Group was dissolved April 15, 1986. As an agency to carry on the research functions of the M.H.G., the M.S.R.U. began to operate on June 19, 1986. Its mandate is to foster and to encourage research on, and the study and teaching of, maritime studies from a historical perspective. In order to achieve these objectives, M.S.R.U. members organize colloquia and conferences and engage in research either collectively or individually. In addition, the Unit provides advice and support to the Maritime History Archive and to the maritime history teaching programme of the Department of History. Membership in the Unit is open to faculty members of Memorial University whose research coincides with the objectives of the Unit. Other scholars, with a similar orientation, are eligible for appointment as associate members.

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