The Office of Student Affairs and Services, Student Development Unit, operates a full time, year round placement office on campus. Services are available to part time, full time and alumni members of the university community.

The Centre is designed to assist graduates and undergraduates to obtain permanent, summer or part time employment; to provide employment counselling and labour market information; and to assist employers wishing to recruit at Memorial. Students seeking graduate employment should contact the Centre early in September of their graduating year. Students requiring summer or part time positions should contact the Centre on a weekly basis during the academic year.

In preparation of the job search the Centre can provide assistance with interview skills, resume preparation and job search assistance. A resource library of recruiter materials is available. Students are requested to contact the Centre staff for assistance. Appointments are requested.

For further information please contact the Employment Services Centre on the 1st floor, CL 1000, Coughlan College.

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