Direct Entry: Students may apply for direct entry into first year Engineering when they apply to the University from high school. Direct admission from high school is normally based upon the student being admitted to the University and having sufficient prerequisites in Mathematics and the Physical Sciences to be able to complete First Year Engineering courses in their first year of University.

Fast Track: Exceptionally well prepared students may apply for direct entry into second year Engineering (Term 1) from high school. Direct admission into second year is normally based upon a student being admitted to the University, having advanced placement equivalent to University credit in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry and having an admission average of at least 80% in the final year of high school.

Entry from within the University: students registered in other programmes within, or other campuses of, the University may apply for entry into second year Engineering (Term 1). Such entry is normally based upon the same criteria as promotion from first year Engineering into second year (see section 5) under Examinations and Promotions, except that a third course chosen from one of the departments listed in section 5.c under Examinations and Promotions may be substituted for Engineering 1000; students will be required to make up Engineering 1000 in Term 1.

Bridge Programme in Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering: Graduates from the Naval Architecture Programme or Marine Systems Design Programme at the Marine Institute will be admitted to Term 4 in the Ocean and Naval Architectural Engineering Programme in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science after finishing a bridging programme consisting of two academic terms: the Fall and the Winter.

To be admitted to the bridging programme, students should have completed a diploma in Naval Architecture or Marine Systems Design from the Marine Institute with a cumulative average of at least 75%.

Other Entry: students are occasionally admitted to later terms in Engineering from other institutions. Such entry is normally based on a detailed analysis of the student's record and is handled on a case by case basis.

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