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P: Courses for students on the PRIMARY Programme
E: Courses for students on the ELEMENTARY Programme
S: Courses for students on SECONDARY Programme
V: Courses for students on the VOCATIONAL EDUCATION Programme
I: Courses for students on the TECHNOLOGY EDUCATION Programme
T: Courses for students on the T.E.P.L. Diploma Programme
A: Courses for students on the Diploma in ADULT TEACHER EDUCATION Programme
SE: Courses for students on the SPECIAL EDUCATION Programme.
NPE: Courses for students on the NATIVE AND NORTHERN Teacher Education Programme - Primary/Elementary route.
NS: Courses for students on the NATIVE AND NORTHERN Teacher Education Programme - Secondary route.

These courses are primarily designed for students registered in the degree and diploma programmes in Vocational Education and the diploma programme in Technology Education.

2710. Course Organization and Development (V,I,NS). The development of procedures for the identification of concepts in instructional units; analysis of tasks and identification of related competencies; development of resource units.

2720. Introduction to Vocational Education (V). Study of the back-ground of Vocational Education and of its development and present forms in Newfoundland, other provinces of Canada, and other countries; an examination of current programmes in Vocational Education; the role of federal and provincial governments in Vocational Education.

2730. General Methods of Vocational Education (V,I). Introduction to the methodology of teaching psychomotor and cognitive skills; selection of appropriate methods for individual and group instruction; organizing laboratory and shop instruction; principles of instructional management.

3710. Group Instruction in Vocational Education (V,I). An in-depth study of various methods of group instruction; planning and presenting demonstration teaching units; practice in techniques of group instruction.

3720. Individualized Instruction in Vocational Education (V,I). A study of the various systems of individualized instruction; the theoretical basis for individualizing courses, individual differences, organizing individualized courses, selection and development of materials; management of individual student progress.

3730. Curriculum and Instructional Development in Vocational Education (V,I). Social, cultural, philosophical, and economic forces influencing changes in vocational curriculum and instructional methods. Study of current Vocational Education curriculum designs, problems and trends; methods of gathering curriculum information; procedures for revising and evaluating a curriculum.

4700. Student Teaching in Vocational Education (V). Applying theories of education in the learning situation; observation and demonstration of lessons; seminars in teaching techniques.

4710. Seminar in Vocational Education (V). The identification, analysis and discussion of major issues, practices and problems in Vocational Education in Newfoundland and Canada.

4720. Principles and Management of Technology Education Programmes (V,I,E,NS). Study of contemporary approaches to the administration, organization, and teaching of Technology Education programmes; their application in Newfoundland; and the management of programmes in Technology Education laboratories.

4730. Educational Programmes and Practices in Industry and Labour (V). A study of the various Vocational Education programmes operated either wholly by industry and labour or jointly with educational institutions; apprenticeship, work experience and study programmes, co-operative education, training-in-industry, training on-the-job, supervisory training, management development.

4760-4780. Advanced Specialized Vocational Technologies (V). The theory and practice of selected advanced specialized vocational education technical skills and their application to the laboratory, workshop and business office. Emphasis will be placed on innovative and emerging techniques in selected areas of business, industry, and the service occupations.

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