Faculty of Education


Faculty List

Degree Regulations
Mission Statement
Student Responsibility Clause
Teacher Certification
Regulations for Re-Admission and Advancement
Regulations for Re-Admission and Advancement - Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
Registration in Education Courses (Non-Education Students)
Registration in In-Service Courses or in Education Courses (Certification Upgrading)
Admission - Bachelor of Education (Primary) and (Elementary)
Bachelor of Education (Primary)
Bachelor of Education (Elementary)
Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
Bachelor of Music Conjoint with Bachelor of Music Education
Conjoint Degree of Bachelor of Music (Major in General Studies) and Bachelor of Music Education
Bachelor of Music Education as a Second Degree
Bachelor of Education (Native & Northern)
Bachelor of Special Education
Bachelor of Vocational Education

Diploma Regulations
Diploma in Vocational Education
Diploma in Technology Education
Diploma in Adult Teacher Education
Diploma in Native and Northern Education in Labrador (T.E.P.L.)
Diploma in School Resource Services

Waiver of Regulations of the Faculty of Education

Course List
Student Teaching
Waiver Guidelines of Education 3700, 4700, Post-Sessional Block, 401X
Music Education
Special Education
Native and Northern Education
Vocational Education
Technology Education
Adult Teacher Education

Institutes in Education

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