Faculty of Education


The Faculty of Education of Memorial University of Newfoundland, under the terms of THE MEMORIAL UNIVERSITY ACT, accepts as its primary responsibility the professional preparation of those who will give leadership in education. The responsibility includes the professional preparation of teachers, administrators and specialists who will work in elementary, and secondary schools and post-secondary institutions. The work of the Faculty incorporates undergraduate and graduate studies and continuing education. The mandate includes specialized research for the improvement of pedagogical practice, and broadly based research for the advancement of knowledge. The Faculty initiates and responds to change through a wide range of programmes and a variety of field services. It seeks to prepare educators who will have a reasoned philosophy of education, an appreciation of what knowledge is of most worth, a genuine love of learning, and the ability to think critically. It strives to prepare educators who have an understanding of the past, a plan for the present, and a vision for the future.

The following Degree and Diploma Programmes are offered through the Faculty of Education:


- Bachelor of Education (Primary)
- Bachelor of Education (Elementary)
- Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
- Bachelor of Music Conjoint with Bachelor of Music Education
- Bachelor of Music Education as a Second Degree
- Bachelor of Education (Native and Northern)
- Bachelor of Special Education
- Bachelor of Vocational Education


- Diploma in Vocational Education
- Diploma in Technology Education
- Diploma in Adult Teacher Education
- Diploma in Native and Northern Education (T.E.P.L.)
- Diploma in School Resource Services

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