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To be admitted to the Bachelor of Vocational Education Degree and Diploma programmes, a student must meet, in addition to the general admission requirements of the University, special admission requirements as outlined by the following criteria:

1) Applications for admission are considered three times per year. The deadlines for submission of applications are June 15 for admission to the Fall Semester, October 1 for admission to the Winter Semester, and January 15 for admission to the Spring Semester.

2) Occupational training as verified by one of:

a) a certificate of qualification as a journeyman for a designated trade;

b) a certificate or diploma from a technical or business school or college;

c) an appropriate degree from a university;

d) satisfactory completion of a programme equivalent to (a), (b) or (c) above.

3) At least one year of work experience or equivalent in the occupational area in which training was obtained. This experience must be subsequent to the completion of or concurrent with the occupational training programme.

NOTE: Training and experience will be assessed and verified by the Admissions Sub-Committee for Vocational Education.

4) Students who wish to enter the programme in Vocational Education may obtain an application form from the Faculty of Education, Office of Student Services.


1) A candidate for the Diploma in Vocational Education will be required to complete the equivalent of at least sixty credit hours approved by the Office of Student Services.

2) The sixty credit hours must include:

a) Fifteen approved credit hours in Education other than those in the Vocational Education group. Courses in this group must be selected from those courses which are applicable to the High School Programme.

b) Twelve credit hours from the Vocational Education group as follows: Education 2710, 2720, 2730, and one elective.

c) Education 4700.

3) a) Advanced standing to a maximum of thirty credit hours may be awarded for students possessing at least a combined total of six years of training and work experience in the occupational area in which training was obtained.

b) Students who because of a deficiency of work experience are not eligible to receive the maximum of thirty credit hours advanced standing will be required to obtain further work experience and/or to complete additional University courses, either or both of which must be approved by the Admissions Sub-Committee for Vocational Education.

4) At least twenty-four of the credit hours required under Clause 2 (a), (b), and (c) must be completed at this University.

NOTES: 1) The requirement of Regulation 4 may be extended for students who completed courses at the New Brunswick Institute of Technology before the appropriate courses in Vocational Education were available at this University. For those students, a minimum of six credit hours, three in Vocational Education and three in Student Teaching, must be completed at this University.

2) The requirement of Education 4700 may be waived by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies on the recommendation of the Office of Student Services. (Please refer to Student Teaching Guidelines).

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