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Regulations for a Diploma in School Resource Services:

1) A programme leading to the Diploma in School Resource Services is offered by the Faculty of Education.

2) To be admitted to the Diploma programme in School Resource Services, a student shall

a) have been admitted to the Faculty of Education at Memorial University,

b) have completed twelve credit hours in Education, and

c) normally have had at least two years experience as a classroom teacher.

3) Admission to the programme in School Resource Services requires a formal application. Application forms may be obtained by writing the Office of Student Services, Faculty of Education, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, Newfoundland, A1B 3X8.

4) To be eligible for the Diploma in School Resource Services, a student must have

a) a degree in Education, or its equivalent, from a recognized university,

b) thirty credit hours as follows:

i. Education 3320, 3460, 3470, 3380, 3390, 3807, 3943.

ii. One of Education 3310, 3321, 3340.

iii. Education 3801 or 3480, 3802.

5) a) A maximum of twelve credit hours referred to in 4(b) above and counted toward the corequisite degree may also be counted toward the Diploma in School Resource Services. At least eighteen credit hours must be completed in addition to the corequisite degree.

b) Courses referred to in 5(a) must be in Learning Resources or related areas.

6) At least eighteen of the credit hours required under Clause 4 (b) must be completed at this University.

7) Students who have been admitted to the programme in School Resource Services must have their courses approved by the Office of Student Services.

NOTES: 1) Students should check with the Office of Student Services regarding equivalencies of former courses.

2) Either Education 3801 or Education 3480 is a prerequisite to Education 3802.

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