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1) Normally, admission is offered for the Fall Term: the deadline for admission (or re-admission) is March 1. Where circumstances permit, applications will be considered for the Winter and Spring Terms: the deadlines for admission (or re-admission) are October 1 for Winter, and February 1 for Spring.

2) Students who are seeking admission for the Fall Semester normally must have completed all the courses required for admission by the end of the Winter Semester.

3) Applications received after the deadline will be considered only if a space is available in the programme.

4) Eligibility: To be eligible for Admission to the BBA programme an applicant must have successfully completed a minimum of thirty credit hours in university courses with an overall average of at least 65% on the courses comprising those thirty credit hours. The thirty credit hours must comprise:

a) Six credit hours in English courses*;
b) EITHER Mathematics 1080 and 1081 OR Mathematics 1000 and three credit hours chosen from courses in the Faculties of Arts and/or Science;
c) Economics 2010 and 2020;
d) Business 1000
e) Nine additional credit hours in non-Business courses, at least six of which must be in courses chosen from the Faculty of Arts and/or Science.

* It is strongly recommended that students complete English 1110, Comprehension, Writing and Prose Style, as one of these English courses.

5) Admission is competitive and selective. Therefore, prospective students are encouraged to consider an alternate degree programme in the event that they are not accepted into the Bachelor of Business Administration programme.

6) The primary criterion used in reaching decisions on applications for admission is overall academic achievement. Selection, therefore will be based on a student's overall academic performance in addition to the average on the thirty credit hours required for admission. Students with weak overall academic records are unlikely to be admitted.

7) The Faculty recognizes that a candidate's academic performance can be viewed in the context of the individual's other interests, activities and accomplishments. Notwithstanding Clause 6 above, the Admissions Committee may consider extracurricular activities and achievements as factors in the admission decision. To assist the Admissions Committee in this area candidates for admission may complete and submit the personal Information Form to support their applications for admission.

8) In the case where an applicant has been required to withdraw from the Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) Programme, the Admissions Committee of the Faculty may consider this circumstance as grounds to deny admission.


1) The BBA programme requires a total of 120 credit hours, i.e. 90 credit hours beyond the 30 credit hours required for admission.

2) In addition to the admission requirements, the curriculum shall consist of the successful completion of:

a) Sixty credit hours consisting of: Computer Science 2801, Statistics 2500, Economics 3150, Business courses 1101, 1201, 1600, 2000, 2101, 2201, 2301, 2401, 3320, 3401, 3700, 4000, 4320, 4401, 4500, 5301, and 7000.

b) Thirty other credit hours, of which not more than nine credit hours may be from courses in the Faculty of Business Administration.

3) For graduation, a student must be enrolled in the BBA programme, and have obtained a minimum average of 60% on the programme courses.


1) A student enrolled in the BBA programme may complete a minor within the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science, or a cognate at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College. Regulations for the minor are given under the Calendar entries for the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science, and regulations for cognates are given under the calendar entry for Sir Wilfred Grenfell College.

2) A student enrolled in the BBA programme may pursue a minor (or equivalent) in other non-business academic units (where minor programmes exist) with i) permission of that academic unit and ii) permission of the Undergraduate Studies Committee of the Faculty of Business Administration.

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