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The Business Administration Programmes are designed to provide students with a liberal business education and to prepare students for a creative role in business. The objectives of the programme are to provide the graduate with:

- a working knowledge of the functional areas of an organization,
- a capacity for self development,
- a high level of communication skills,
- the ability to identify and analyze problems and opportunities and collect the relevant data pertinent to these,
- a sensitivity to human interrelationships,
- an awareness of subtle interplay of influence, persuasion and power in organizations,
- an ability to recognize and respond to change,
- an ability to apply skills to a variety of situations,
- a sensitivity to the social, cultural and governmental environment.

The programme leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce (Co-operative) is set up to provide the student with a combination of academic terms or semesters and full-time work periods in the business environment. These work periods are arranged with the full co-operation of business firms and government enterprises and are supervised. They are designed to provide the student with the opportunity to weld theory and practice and to provide a broader preparation for a work career.

The business environment is becoming ever more complex. The programme, therefore, recognizes that it is not enough to give the student theoretical and technical training only. By being exposed, as early as possible, to the environment in which he/she will eventually work, the student will be better able to appreciate that most work is accomplished and goals are achieved by working with and through people operating in a social and organizational setting. Such exposure will also aid the students in defining their own career interests and objectives.

The programme leading to the Diploma in Business Administration and the Degree of Bachelor of Commerce is specifically designed to meet the needs of individuals who hold full- or part-time employment and who wish to complement their work experience with theoretical and practical training in business administration. The programme provides such individuals with an opportunity to develop the abilities and to acquire the tools needed to deal with a changing work environment.

The programme leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration permits students to combine core studies in the management area with interests in other fields. To that end, students who are enrolled in this programme may complete a minor in the faculties of Arts or Science (or other areas with permission) or a cognate area at the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College.

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