General management of the work terms in the Co-operative Programme is the responsibility of Business Co-operative Education. Through its co-ordinators, it is responsible for assisting potential employers to become involved in the programme, for the continual development of employment opportunities, for arranging student-employer interviews, for counselling of students, for visiting students on their work assignments and for the evaluation of the work term.

Students and employers choose each other through the job competition process. Job advertisements are posted and students may apply for up to twelve positions. Employers interview students, and both the students and employers express their preferences for one another.

Students are then placed by Business Co-operative Education to reflect expressed preferences. Placement is not guaranteed but every effort is made to ensure that appropriate employment is made available. In the case of students who are required to withdraw from the programme, Business Co-operative Education has no responsibility for placement until they have been re-admitted to the programme.

Salaries paid to co-operative students are determined by employers based upon their internal wage structures, and tend to increase as the student progresses through the programme and assumes more responsibility. However, students should not expect the income from work terms to make them completely self-supporting.

Students in the Co-operative Programme give permission to prospective employers, in the course of the placement process, to have access to their records, which contain their academic marks and their work term evaluations. After accepting a position, students may not withdraw from a specific job situation unless prior permission is obtained from the Dean or his delegate.



Air Atlantic Limited, St. John's, NF
Allen's Fisheries Limited, Bay of Islands, NF
Anthony Insurance Inc., St. John's, NF
Argentia Management Authority, Argentia, NF
Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Moncton, NB
Atlantic Lottery Corporation, St. John's, NF
Atlantic Micrographic Services Ltd., St. John's, NF
Austin Advertising Limited, Mount Pearl, NF
Avalon Health Care Institutions Bd., Carbonear, NF

Bank of Montreal, Corner Brook, NF
Bank of Montreal, Grand Falls-Windsor, NF
Bank of Montreal, St. John's, NF
Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotia Bank), St. John's, NF
Beothic Fish Processors Ltd., Valleyfield, NF
Big Brothers/Big Sisters Assoc., St. John's, NF
Bird Island Charters Ltd., St. John's, NF
Bishop's Falls Development Corp., Bishop's Falls, NF
Board of Comm. Public Utilities, St. John's, NF
Booth Memorial High School, St. John's, NF
Bristol Communications Inc., St. John's, NF
Brookfield Ice Cream Ltd., St. John's, NF
Browning Harvey Limited, St. John's, NF
Budgell's Equipment & Rentals, Triton, NF
Business Development Bank of Canada, Corner Brook, NF
Business Development Bank of Canada, St. John's, NF

C-CORE, St. John's, NF
C-MERITS, St. John's, NF
Cable Atlantic, St. John's, NF
Cabot College, St. John's, NF
Canadian Bankwatch Inc., St. John's, NF
Canadian Cancer Society, St. John's, NF
Canadian Centre For Fisheries Innov, St. John's, NF
Canadian Diabetes Association, Halifax, NS
Canadian Diabetes Association, St. John's, NF
Canadian Helicopters, St. John's, NF
Canadian Mental Health Association, St. John's, NF
Canadian Nat. Inst. for the Blind, St. John's, NF
Canadian Paraplegic Association, Marystown, NF
Canadian Paraplegic Association, St. John's, NF
Canadian Red Cross Society, St. John's, NF
Capt. Wm. Jackman Memorial Hospital, Labrador City, NF
Central Dairies Limited, Mount Pearl, NF
Central West Health Care Inst. Board, Grand Falls-Windsor, NF
Champions Restaurant, St. John's, NF
Civic #4, St. John's, NF
Clarenville Drydock Limited, Clarenville, NF
Classic Holdings Limited, St. John's, NF
Co-op Insurance, St. John's, NF
Community Cable Limited, Harbour Grace, NF
Community Health, St. John's Region, St. John's, NF
Coopers & Lybrand, St. John's, NF
Coretec Incorporated, St. John's, NF
Corner Brook Pulp & Paper, Corner Brook, NF
Crosbie Group (1991) Limited, St. John's, NF

David G. Taylor, C.A., Labrador City, NF
David W. Baldwin, St. John's, NF
Daybreak Parent Child Centre, St. John's, NF
Deloitte & Touche, St. John's, NF
Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Hengelo, Netherlands
Deutsche Tiefbohr-AG (Deutag), Bad Bentheim, Germany
Diamond Fields, St. John's, NF
Digital Equipment of Canada, Markham, ON
Doane Raymond, Corner Brook, NF
Doane Raymond, Grand Falls-Windsor, NF
Doane Raymond, Marystown, NF
Doane Raymond, St. John's, NF
Dr. G.B. Cross Memorial Hospital, Clarenville, NF
Dupree, Jacobbs & Associates, St. John's, NF

Earle & Squire, Corner Brook, NF
Eastern Community College, Clarenville, NF
Eastern Technical Services Ltd., St. John's, NF
Elk Point Resources Inc., Calgary, AB
Elora Mill Country Inn & Restaurant, Elora, ON
Emergency Alert Foundation, St. John's, NF
EnviroMed Analytical Inc., Manuels, NF
Ernst & Young, St. John's, NF
Ernst & Young, Toronto, ON

First Atlantic Financial, Holyrood, NF
Fishermen's Resource Centre, St. John's, NF
Fishery Products International Ltd., St. John's, NF
Frame of Mine Ltd., St. John's, NF
Future Shop, Burnaby, BC

G.J. Shortall Limited, Mount Pearl, NF
Gardner & Coombs, St. John's, NF
Gordon Butler Limited, Corner Brook, NF

- Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agen., St. John's, NF
- Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agen., Moncton, NB
- Canadian Coast Guard, St. John's, NF
- Canadian Heritage, Hull, QC
- Canadian Heritage, Parks Canada, St. John's, NF
- Canadian International Dev. Agency, Hull, QC
- Fisheries & Oceans Canada, Ottawa, ON
- Fisheries & Oceans Canada, St. John's, NF
- Foreign Affairs & Intl. Trade, Dept, Ottawa, ON
- Foreign Affairs & Intl. Trade, Dept, Hull, PQ
- GTIS Telecommunications, Hull, QC
- Health Canada, Ottawa, ON
- Human Resources Development Canada, Hull, QC
- Human Resources Development Canada, St. John's, NF
- Industry Canada, Ottawa, ON
- National Defence Canada, Ottawa, ON
- National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa, ON
- Public Works Canada, Ottawa, ON
- Revenue Canada, St. John's, NF
- Transport Canada, St. John's, NF

- Grand Falls/Windsor, Town of, Grand Falls-Windsor, NF

- Office of Chief Electoral Officer, St. John's, NF
- Department of Social Services, St. John's, NF
- Development & Rural Renewal, Prov., St. John's, NF
- Finance, Prov. Dept. Internal Audit, St. John's, NF
- Forest Resources & Agrifoods, Prov., St. John's, NF
- Government Services & Lands, Prov., St. John's, NF
- Health, Dept., Personnel Div., St. John's, NF
- Industry, Trade & Technology, Prov., St. John's, NF
- Industry, Trade and Technology, Ottawa, ON
- Newfoundland Public Service Commission, St. John's, NF
- Works Services & Transportation, Prov, St. John's, NF

Grace General Hospital, St. John's, NF
Gryphon Industries Limited, St. John's, NF

Harris, Ryan Chartered Accountants, St. John's, NF
Health Care Corp. of St. John's, St. John's, NF
Health Labrador Corporation, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NF
Heart and Stroke Foundation, St. John's, NF
Heart and Stroke Foundation, Windsor, ON
Hibernia Management & Devel. (HMDC), St. John's, NF
Hostess Frito-Lay, Mount Pearl, NF
Hub Computer Consulting, Orleans, ON
Humber Valley Development Assoc., Deer Lake, NF

Imperial Oil, St. John's, NF
Insight Incorporated, St. John's, NF
Institute for Marine Dynamics, St. John's, NF
Investors Group Financial Services, St. John's, NF
IRO, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

James Kourtis (1992) Ltd., St. John's, NF
Johnson's Construction, Pasadena, NF

Kirby Douglas Chartered Accountant, St. John's, NF
KPMG Peat Marwick Thorne, St. John's, NF
Kwik-Kopy Printing, St. John's, NF

Labatt Breweries of Newfoundland, St. John's, NF
Labrador Health Services Board, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NF
Lawrence College Inc., St. John's, NF
Learning Disabilities Assoc. of Nfld, St. John's, NF
LeGrow's Travel, St. John's, NF
Lexmark Canada Inc., Markham, ON
Lion Max Simms Memorial Camp, Bishop's Falls, NF

Mackenzie Financial Corporation, Toronto, ON
Macleod Dixon, Calgary, AB
Marine Atlantic, Moncton, NB
Marine Institute of Memorial Univ., St. John's, NF
Marks & Spencer plc, London, England U.K.
Martek Morgan Finch, St. John's, NF
Masonic Park Nursing Home, St. John's, NF
Merck Frosst Canada Inc., Pointe-Claire-Dorval, QC
Metal World Inc., St. John's, NF
Miawpukek Mi,kamawey Mawi,omi, Conne River, NF
MNC Group Inc., St. John's, NF
Moss' Store Limited, Port Hope Simpson, NF

- Aquarena, St. John's, NF
- Arts Faculty
- Business Administration
- Campaign Planning Group, St. John's, NF
- Centre for Int. Bus. Studies
- Centre for Management Develop
- Co-operative Education Services
- Computing & Communications
- Council of the Students Union
- Facilities Management Dept
- GSU Facility Board, St. John's, NF
- International Corporation, St. John's, NF
- Labour Relations
- Medical Faculty
- Student Affairs & Services
- Technical Services

NewEast Technologies Inc., St. John's, NF
NewEast Wireless Technologies, Ottawa, ON
Newfound Disposal Systems Limited, St. John's, NF
Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro, St. John's, NF
Newfoundland Environmental Industry, St. John's, NF
Newfoundland Freshwater Resource Ce, St. John's, NF
Newfoundland Geosciences Ltd., St. John's, NF
Newfoundland Liquor Corporation, St. John's, NF
Newfoundland Ocean Industries Assoc, St. John's, NF
Newfoundland Power, St. John's, NF
NewLantic Group, St. John's, NF
Newtel Information Solutions Ltd., St. John's, NF
Newtel Mobility, St. John's, NF
Nfld. & Lab. Housing Corp., St. John's, NF
Nfld. & Lab. Lung Association, St. John's, NF
Nfld. & Lab. School Trustees Assoc., St. John's, NF
Nfld. Alliance of Technical Industr, St. John's, NF
Nfld. Aquaculture Industry Assoc., St. John's, NF
NKHK Chartered Accountants, St. John's, NF
NODECO (Nfld. Offshore Development), Bull Arm, NF
Noonan Accounting & Income Tax Serv, Old Perlican, NF
Nortel, Ottawa, ON
Northern College, Aberdeen Campus, Aberdeen, Scotland
Northern Telecom Canada Ltd., Brampton, ON
Northern Telecom Canada Ltd., Mississauga, ON
Northern Telecom Canada Ltd., Nepean, ON
Northern Telecom Canada Ltd., St. Laurent, QC
Northern Telecom Communic. Systems, Belleville, ON

Ocean Management & Trading Co., Ltd, St. John's, NF
Offshore Safety and Survival Centre, St. John's, NF
Omnifacts Research Limited, St. John's, NF
Opinion Search Incorporated, Ottawa, ON

P.J. Gardiner Institute, St. John's, NF
PanCanadian Petroleum Limited, Calgary, AB
Pardy's Holdings Limited, St. John's, NF
Peninsula Dental Services Ltd., Marystown, NF
Pentecostal Assemblies of Nfld., St. John's, NF
POC International Limited, St. John's, NF
Polycom Enterprises Inc., Mount Pearl, NF
Provincial Airlines, St. John's, NF

R. Tetford & Son, Limited, Harbour Grace, NF
RBC Dominion Securities, St. John's, NF
Regional Cable TV (Atlantic) Inc., St. John's, NF
Rising Sun Developers Inc., St. Anthony, NF
Rolyn Inns Inc, Buchans, NF
Roman Catholic Episcopal Corp., St. John's, NF
Roman Catholic School Board, St. John's, NF
Rothmans, Bensons & Hedges Inc., North York, ON
Royal Bank of Canada, St. John's, NF
RTW Enterprises Incorporated, St. John's, NF

S & P Sports Centre Limited, Gander, NF
Salvation Army, Recycling Operation, Halifax, NS
Salvation Army, Toronto, ON
Scouts Canada, St. John's, NF
Seabase Limited, St. John's, NF
Seabright Corporation Ltd., St. John's, NF
Seafreez Foods Incorporated, St. John's, NF
Smith, King, St. John's, NF
South Side Community Dev. Fund Corp, St. John's, NF
Spectrum United Mutual Funds Inc., Toronto, ON
St. Clare's Mercy Hospital, St. John's, NF
St. John's Clean and Beautiful, St. John's, NF
Sullivan, Lewis & White, St. John's, NF

Target Marketing & Communications, St. John's, NF
Terra Nova Petroleum Products Inc., St. John's, NF
The Evening Telegram, St. John's, NF
Thermotech Canada Inc., St. John's, NF
Third Wave Productions Limited, Gander, NF
Toronto Dominion Bank, St. John's, NF
TRA Foods Limited, St. John's, NF
Tubecraft Atlantic Ltd., St. John's, NF

UNICEF Newfoundland, St. John's, NF

Virginia Holdings Ltd., St. John's, NF

Walter P. Miller & Company, St. John's, NF
Williams Roebothan McKay & Marshall, St. John's, NF
Windward International, Dartmouth, NS

Y Enterprise Centre, St. John's, NF

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