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Skanes, G.R., B.Sc, B.A. Memorial, M.A., Dip. Clin. Psych., Dalhousie, Ph.D. McGill; Professor of Psychology

Administrative Staff

Kelly, H.A. ; Secretary to the Dean

Porter, C. ; Administrative Staff Specialist

The School of Continuing Education is dedicated to providing open and accessible learning opportunities in conformity with the university's strategic outreach education aim as outlined in the document "Launch Forth".

More specifically, the School of Continuing Education is responsible for meeting the needs of part-time students and distance education students. These needs are met by the production and offering of courses and programmes originating in other Faculties or Schools. In addition, the School of Continuing Education develops non-degree courses and programmes which may lead to certificates or diplomas. The School serves the continuing education and lifelong learning needs of the general public through the presentation of personal and professional development courses on selected topics. The School is also mandated to promote continuing education opportunities for students, faculty and staff within the university through the provision of various academic support services.


Whalen, D.M., Dip. A.A. C.T.T., B.Voc.Ed., M.B.A. Memorial; Director

Balsom, D.M., B.A., B.Ed. Memorial, M.Ed. Toronto; Associate Director

Cole, E.A., B.A.(Ed.), B.A. Memorial, M.S. Florida State; Associate Director

The Division of Continuing Studies administers programmes and courses for part-time students. In the fall and winter semesters, approximately 4,500 students register for non-degree and degree credit courses in the Distance Education programme and the evening programme. Summer Session is also administered by the Division of Continuing Studies, and approximately 1,000 register in St. John's.


The distance education programme makes university courses and services accessible to part-time students throughout the province.

A print component is basic to all distance education courses. The print component is usually augmented with homestudy videotape and/or audiotape modules, computer-mediated instructional resources as well as teleconferencing sessions. (Teleconference sessions may include telewriter support.) The precise combination of educational media employed varies with each course. Courses are occasionally offered on-site, where qualified instructors are available.

Distance education courses provide a standard of instruction equal to on-campus courses. Students receive full university credit for distance education courses (excluding non-degree courses of the certificate programmes in Criminology, Municipal Administration and Library Studies). Not all distance education courses are offered in all regions or in all semesters, but with careful planning, students should be able to schedule studies throughout the year.


The Division of Continuing Studies coordinates the first-year university programme offered at the regional colleges in Burin, Carbonear, Clarenville, Gander, Grand Falls-Windsor, Lewisporte and Labrador West. Approximately half the first-year university courses offered at Burin, Carbonear, Clarenville and Labrador West are delivered at a distance.


A wide range of courses is offered on the main campus for part-time students. Introductory courses are offered for adult students attending university for the first time. Students can register for various certificate and diploma programmes and, in some subject areas, part-time students can pursue degree programmes. Courses are offered from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday during the Fall, Winter, and Spring Semesters, as well as during Intersession.


The six-week Summer Session in July and August has traditionally been programmed for the teachers of the province. Today, students from many academic backgrounds are using Summer Session to accelerate their degree studies.

In any semester then, the Division of Continuing Studies through its use of available instructors and technology, provides the opportunity for more than 5,500 part-time students throughout the province to register for courses leading towards a certificate, diploma or degree, or for the purpose of non-credit, personal and professional development.


The following certificate programmes are available through the Division of Continuing Studies. These programmes are offered by and are under the academic control of the appropriate faculties and schools.

a) Certificate Programme in Business Administration is widely recognized by business and industry. It is designed for management-entry level employees who are interested in career development. Courses completed on the certificate programme can be applied toward the diploma and the general degree of the bachelor of commerce.

b) Certificate Programme in Criminology is designed for members of the community who have a special interest in the structure and administration of criminal justice. The programme should be of particular interest to persons engaged in law enforcement, corrections and rehabilitation.

c) Certificate Programme in Library Studies is for persons working in a library who wish to be more accomplished providers of library services. The programme will benefit personnel in school, public, university, medical, legal and special interest libraries.

d) Certificate Programme in Municipal Administration is intended for employees of municipalities, and other interested parties, who wish to develop skills used in the administration of municipal services.

e) Certificate Programme in Newfoundland Studies is designed for those who wish to expand their knowledge of Newfoundland and Labrador. The programme will be useful to persons involved in fields such as community, rural and northern development; cultural affairs, tourism, education and archival and library services.

f) Certificate Programme in Public Administration is intended for public sector employees and any others who wish to further their understanding of the administration of public policy and public programmes.


A Memorial University certificate is awarded to students who complete certificate programme requirements.

Upon nearing completion of the last course in their programmes, students must apply for their certificate on the appropriate form to the Division of Continuing Studies office serving their region not later than dates specified in the university's academic diary. The application form is available from any office of the Division of Continuing Studies.

Memorial University certificates are not awarded for attendance or for single courses in the programmes. Proof of course completion is available on request for students who wish to have documentation.


1. Every candidate for a certificate shall comply with all the course requirements governing the award of that certificate.

2. Candidates shall complete at this University a minimum of nine credit hours of the total number of credit hours required for a certificate.

3. No candidate will be awarded a certificate unless s/he has obtained an average of 1 point or better on the total number of credit hours required for the certificate.


Students who have completed a certificate programme and wish to complete a second certificate must:

1. comply with all course requirements governing the award of that certificate;

2. complete at least nine credit hours beyond those required for the first certificate. The courses which comprise these credit hours must be applicable to the certificate sought.


Collins, S., B.A. Memorial, M.A. Waterloo, Dipl. Adult Ed. Memorial, Coordinator, PPD Programme

The Division offers more than 300 credit hours/seminars/ workshops per semester in personal and professional development. These offerings are non-credit in nature. There are no formal admission requirements for PPD programmes. Programme areas include personal computing, languages, culture and heritage, personal effectiveness, as well as courses in the visual and performing arts. Instructors are drawn from the community and are usually recognized for their achievements in their fields of instruction.

The PPD programme is an excellent continuing education service for individuals seeking "one time" training. It also serves as valuable introduction to the university setting for persons interested in pursuing degree credit or non-degree studies. PPD courses are generally offered on-campus, evenings during the fall and winter semesters. A reduced programme is offered in the spring.

The PPD unit also works closely with the Division's certificate programmes unit and with the academic departments of the university, to provide programme development services (in staff training and development) to business, industry and public sector agencies.


Degree Credit Courses

Students who wish to apply for Certificate programmes requiring degree credit courses must be admitted to the University as undergraduate students and comply with the general regulations for undergraduates.

Non-degree Courses

Non-degree courses are specially designed courses relating to specific areas of study for which no equivalent degree credit course exists and are not applicable towards an existing diploma or degree programme. In order to register in non-degree courses, students must be admitted to the university as undergraduate students and comply with the general regulations for undergraduates.

PPD Programmes

No formal admission requirements.

For information on courses or programmes administered by the Division of Continuing Studies, please call or write:

Division of Continuing Studies
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NF
A1B 3X8
Tel.: 737-8700 PPD: 737-7979
Fax: 737-7941 Fax: 737-8486

Regional Officers

Snow, D., B.A.(Ed.), B.A., M.A. Memorial
Division of Continuing Studies
Eastern Regional Office
P.O. Box 370
Clarenville, NF
A0E 1J0
Tel.: 466-2380
Fax: 466-4266

Penney, G., B.P.E., B.Ed. Memorial
Division of Continuing Studies
Central Regional Office
P.O. Box 589
Grand Falls-Windsor, NF
A2A 2J9
Tel.: 489-5361
Fax: 489-6178

Battcock, S., B.S.W. Memorial
Division of Continuing Studies
Labrador Regional Office
P.O. Box 490, Stn. B
Happy Valley, NF
A0P 1E0
Tel.: 896-9471
Fax: 896-2970


McNamara, W.C., B.Sc., M.A. S. Dakota State; Director

Hyde, R., B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. Memorial; Assistant Director, Manager, Course Development

Callanan, C., B.A. Ottawa, M.Sc. Syracuse; Executive Producer

Hollingshurst, F., B.A. U.B.C.; Executive Producer

Power, J., Manager, Technical Facilities

The Division of Educational Technology incorporates the personnel and mandates of the former Educational Television Centre (ETV) and Media Unit.

The Division prepares and provides formal and informal educational material for students and the general public. It also provides support services for other sections within the School of Continuing Education, and the University. Through the production of distance education courses and other TV programming, the Division has become one of the largest producers of Newfoundland-related material for television.



This centre, located in S-2050 (737-8695), provides audio-visual equipment, including multimedia carts, for instructors in all buildings on the south campus except Education.


Micro-computer laboratories, containing the latest in MS-DOS based machines, are available for Computer Assisted Instruction, general student use, and personal and professional development courses. Laboratories are currently located in the Science Building, S2050C (737-3306), and the Psychology Annex, PA1014/18 (737-2572).


McManus, K., B.Sc.(Ed.) Indiana, M.A. Memorial; Co-ordinator Writing Centre

The Writing Centre, PA1019 (737-8271), helps students improve their writing ability. Tutors at the Centre assist students with a variety of common areas of difficulty such as: organization, coherence, creation of a thesis statement, and sentence structure. The Centre also organizes small group seminars in cooperation with professors who wish to bring to their students' attention a specific aspect of the writing process or writing format.


May, S., B.A., M.B.A. Sask., M.Math., Ph.D. Waterloo; Associate Professor of Mathematics, Coordinator Mathematics Learning Centre

The Mathematics Learning Centre, located at 6 Clark Place at the southeast corner of the St. John's campus (737-2412), offers formal diagnostic and remedial services to students interested in building upon their high school mathematics skills so as to prepare them for the regular first year mathematics courses. The unique programme of the centre uses a modularized approach so that individual students receive instruction tailored to their specific needs.


A Teaching Services Centre is located at S-1047 (737-8269/7948). The Centre operates under the guidance of a university-wide advisory committee. A monthly newsletter is edited by Dr. Stella Algoo-Baksh (737-8067) of the Department of English Language and Literature. Student evaluations of teaching may be arranged through the Centre and are coordinated by Professor Richard Maddigan (737-8033) of the Department of Psychology. In addition the Centre has available a library of resource material for the improvement of instruction. The Centre organizes periodic seminars and workshops for faculty, including an orientation session for new faculty at the start of each academic year.

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