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Patricia Dwyer, Associate Director, Programs
Michael Mooney, Associate Director, Technology

Telephone: (709) 737-6654, Fax: (709) 737-7054 or E-mail: tcs@mun.ca


The Telehealth and Educational Resource Agency (TETRA), located in the Telemedicine Centre within the Faculty of Medicine, has effectively bridged the distance between communities for over twenty-five years. With seventeen employees, TETRA is a research and development facility established to facilitate the use of information technology and telecommunications to rural, remote, and isolated areas.

TETRA’s expertise provides a cost-effective way to communicate with colleagues, board members, business associates, and family and friends who may be working, living, or studying abroad. TETRA uses audio, video, and internet technologies to enable participation in training, meetings, consultations, and family gatherings. TETRA has its own on-site audio and video-conference bridges which are operated and supported by experienced staff. Participants are offered a flexible and reliable service that permits TETRA to reach others across Newfoundland and Labrador, anywhere in Canada, and around the world.

In 2000,TETRA was awarded the “Top Honour for Advancement of Telemedicine” by the American Telemedicine Association and is recognized as one of the leading programs providing telemedicine services in North America. As the provincial communications resource, TETRA is a model that results from the degree of cooperation and support from the many health, education, government, and private institutions and agencies that make it a reality.

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