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Located at the Fisheries and Marine Institute, One Ocean is the liaison organization recently established by the fishing and petroleum industries of Newfoundland and Labrador. One Ocean provides a neutral forum for both sectors to facilitate communication, information exchange and shared opportunities. Our mandate is to assist the fishing and petroleum industries in understanding each other’s operations and activities. One Ocean will endeavor to identify and/or address industry-specific issues for each sector as well as issues common to both. The organization will commission research studies and conduct literature reviews to maintain diligent responses to industry inquiries The structure of the One Ocean Advisory Board is conducive to equal representation of both the fishing and petroleum industries; consisting of knowledgeable and active stakeholders from each sector. This structure enhances the opportunity for information dissemination and progressive joint initiatives for two industries operating in one ocean.


Executive Director
Slade, G.

Research Analyst
Murphy, M., B.A.C.S. UCCB, M.M.M. Dalhousie

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