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M. Murray, Ph.D., Director Psychology
R. Audas, Ph.D., Health Statistics and Economics
W. Bavington, M.D., M.P.H., FRCP(C), Community Health
N. Beausoleil, Ph.D., Women’s Health
V. Gadag, Ph.D., Biostatistics
D. Gustafson, Ph.D., Social Science and Health
M. Mathews, Ph.D., Health Services
D. Neville, Sc.D., Health Policy
R. West, Ph.D., Epidemiology

Associate Member
S.M. Lefort, Ph.D., RN, (Nursing)

Research Support
A. Edwards, M.Sc., Medical Researcher
S. Heath, B.Sc., Research Assistant
L.L. Longerich, M.S., Medical Researcher and Manager
E.A. Ryan, M.Sc., Senior Researcher

The Health Research Unit was established in 1991 as a unit of the Faculty of Medicine within the Division of Community Health. It makes available the professional skills, expertise and information resources of the Division to other faculty, government departments, non-government agencies and organizations, and the community.

The purpose of the Health Research Unit is to improve the health of the Newfoundland and Labrador community-at-large through research focussed on the prevention of disease and the protection and promotion of health.

Research Themes
a) Measurement of health status in community/workforce populations;
b) Assessment of the health care system;
c) Development and management of health information systems;
d) Design and analysis of health surveys and audits; and
e) Evaluation of health and social programmes

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