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Vaughan, A.M., B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed Memorial, M.A. British Columbia

Associate Director/Director of STEM~Net
Parsons, N., B.Sc., B.Ed., M.Ed., MBA Memorial
Associate Director
Hyde, R., B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. Memorial
Manager, Instructional Development Office
Bragg, E.M., B.A.(Ed) Memorial, M.A. St. Francis Xavier, D.Ed. Toronto
Administrative Staff
Mahon, P., Secretary
Porter, C., Administrative Staff Specialist



Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT) is a service unit focused on meeting the demand for Memorial University of Newfoundland's credit courses and programs for students who have limited access to opportunities as a result of challenges of time and location.  DELT works with faculties/schools to develop, deliver, and maintain distance education courses and programs. In addition, DELT provides on-campus academic support services through the Instructional Development Office, Classroom Support Services, and Media Production Services. STEM~Net, a service unit for the K-12 education system, is a partner of DELT.

For information concerning non-credit programs such as personal and professional development and certificate and diploma programs contact the Division of Lifelong Learning.

Distance Education and Learning Technologies (DELT) delivers Memorial University of Newfoundland’s degree and certificate credit courses and programs to distance education students across the province and around the world. DELT offers more than 350  courses, in 26 different disciplines and 10 different faculties/schools to more than 14,000 student registrations annually. Always innovative, DELT offers over 200 of these courses online. Bachelors’ degrees are available in business, maritime studies, nursing, social work, and technology; Masters’ degrees are offered in education and nursing.
Distance education provides on-campus students a flexible course schedule and students unable to attend a Memorial University of Newfoundland campus, an opportunity to continue their education without having to leave family or work commitments to do so.

Distance Education and Learning Technologies works with academic units and professors to develop, manage and deliver the University’s distance education programs. Through the student services office, DELT serves as a point of contact for distance education students. Specifically, this office provides students with their course materials.

Distance education courses are delivered through the use of multimedia  including print materials (e.g. manual, collection of readings, textbook), web based, CD/video programs and in limited courses, teleconference sessions.

The strength of the University’s distance education courses is the standard of instruction that is equivalent to on-campus courses. In many cases, the same professor will teach both the on-campus as well as the distance course. Students receive full university credit for distance education courses (excluding certificate credit courses of the certificate programs in Career Development, Criminology, Municipal Administration, and Library Studies).

For information concerning certificate programs, contact Division of Lifelong Learning:

Tel.: (709) 737-7979, Fax: (709) 737-8486
For further information on distance education, please contact:

Tel.: (709) 737-8700
Tel (Toll Free): (866) 435-1396
Fax: (709) 737-4070
Website: www.distance.mun.ca
Email: distance@mun.ca

The media production services encourage and support innovative teaching practices through the application of instructional technologies in both on-campus teaching and distance education. In addition, it provides high-end media support for research, public relations, and other university activities. Product examples range from the University’s convocation and basketball broadcasts to award-winning documentaries developed with various academic units and a large volume of high quality teaching video used in distance education courses.

The University’s media production unit offers a wide range of professional media development, production, post-production, and distribution services. Video services include broadcast-quality studio and mobile facilities, and production services such as digital cameras, AVID non-linear editing, digitization, international standards conversion, tape and CD-ROM duplication, and distribution by satellite and the Internet. Graphics specialties include print layout and design, illustration, television graphics and animation, 3D visualization, and design for the World Wide Web. Technical staff offers consultation, design, installation, and maintenance services for multimedia teaching facilities. Distance education services include working with faculty members in conjunction with the distance instructional designers to develop the courses and teaching methods appropriate for distance delivery. In addition, the publications unit coordinates the development of the innovative multimedia distance teaching resources.

Classroom Support Services provides multimedia and audiovisual support for teaching in the classrooms of the South Campus. It provides and delivers portable classroom equipment and the support of fixed media facilities.

For further information on media production services, please contact:

Tel: (709) 737-7575
Fax: (709) 737-4635

The Instructional Development Office offers support to the University’s faculty members and graduate students in the enhancement of their teaching knowledge and skills. The Office espouses a collaborative, responsive, and pragmatic approach to developing services and programs related to teaching and learning.

Among the services provided are professional development workshops and seminars, and individual and small group consultations. Support is given for awards applications, administration of course evaluations, and other activities and initiatives that recognize the importance of university teaching. The News, a faculty newsletter about teaching and learning, is published three times a year and a resource centre offers a collection of books, journals, newsletters, and video programs about instruction.

For information on instructional development services, please contact:

Tel.: (709) 737-8629
Fax: (709) 737-4635
E-mail: instrdev@mun.ca

Please direct inquiries to avaughan@mun.ca.

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