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For the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College students must complete a minimum of one hundred and twenty credit hours made up of the following components:

(NOTE: A Minor is not required for interdisciplinary programs or for Bachelor of Science in Psychology. However, students in such programs may choose to complete a Minor)


a) Literacy Requirement

Thirty credit hours in Writing courses which must include six credit hours in first-year English. Up to six credit hours in languages other than English may be used to satisfy the literacy requirement.

Courses in this group are identified with the designation W and are listed in the Designated Writing Courses Table.

b) Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis Requirement

Six credit hours in Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis courses. Courses in this group are identified with the designation QRA and are listed in the Designated Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis Courses Table.

c) Breadth of Knowledge Requirement

Six credit hours from each of the three groups identified below for a total of 18 credit hours. The courses chosen can be any courses within the disciplines identified. However, students are not permitted to use these courses to meet the Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis requirement nor the first-year English requirements.

Group A: Art History, Classics, English, History, Humanities, Languages, Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theatre, Visual Arts

Group B: Anthropology, Business, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Folklore, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Recreation, Sociology, Women's Studies

Group C: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science, Mathematics, Physics, Science


a) The requirements for a Major can be fulfilled in one of two ways:

i) minimum of 36 credit hours in a single discipline


ii) minimum of 72 credit hours in an interdisciplinary area

1) Students choosing a single discipline major (with the exception of Bachelor of Science in Psychology) must complete one of the following: (i) minor or (ii) with the permission of the appropriate program chair(s), a second major.
2) Actual credit hours required for specific disciplines will vary.

b) All Majors require a minimum of 12 credit hours in 3000-level courses, six credit hours in 4000-level courses and three credit hours in a 4000-level senior project.

c) A candidate must follow the specific requirements for each major program as set forth in the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College section of the University Calendar

d) Single discipline majors are available in following areas:
Division of Arts: English, Historical Studies
Division of Social Science: Psychology (B.A. and B.Sc.)

Interdisciplinary majors are available in following areas:
Division of Arts: Humanities
Division of Social Science: Environmental Studies; Social/Cultural Studies
Division of Science: Environmental Science


A minimum of 24 credit hours must be completed in a single discipline or interdisciplinary area other than that of the Major. Minors are available in the following areas:

Division of Arts: Classics, English, Historical Studies, Humanities, Philosophy, Religious Studies

Division of Social Science: Business, Environmental Studies, Folklore, Geography, Psychology, Social/Cultural Studies, Sociology

Division of Fine Arts: Art History

Division of Science: Environmental Science, Mathematics, Science

A candidate must follow the requirements for the Minor program as set forth in the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College section of the University Calendar.

As an alternative to a Minor, a second Major may be completed and students must meet all general and departmental or program regulations for both Majors.


Courses to make up the total of 120 credit hours, other than those required for the core program and Major/Minor requirements, may be chosen according to the following guidelines:

a) Any courses in arts, social science, science and fine arts

b) Up to 15 credit hours in other subject areas.


1. Course prerequisites may be waived by division heads or program chairs of the disciplines or programs in question. In special circumstances the Academic Studies Committee may waive the requirements that apply to these degree programs.

2. Courses will be designated Writing courses by the Academic Studies Committee. A Writing course is a course in which a minimum of 30 percent of the course grade involves a specific component consisting of written work on which students will receive feedback. For the purpose of this regulation, the final examination will not be counted as part of the evaluated Writing component.

3. Courses will be designated Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis by the Academic Studies Committee. The Quantitative Reasoning and Analysis (QRA) Requirement is intended to help students develop a degree of appreciation of numerical, statistical and/or symbolic modes of representation, as well as an appreciation of the analysis, interpretation and broader quantitative application of such representations.

4. Students may devise a Major/Minor of their own choosing in close consultation with a faculty advisor and with approval of appropriate head(s). Such "open" programs must be approved by the Academic Studies Committee.

5. Sir Wilfred Grenfell College reserves the right to limit the number of spaces available in each Major/Minor program.


When planning the sequence of courses for a Major or Minor Program, students should seek advice from the Registrar's Office or the appropriate Division Office.

Also note:

(i) A student may not use the same course to satisfy the requirements for both a Major and a Minor.

(ii) Courses listed for a Major or for a Minor may require prerequisite courses not listed in the program requirements. Please consult all course descriptions for prerequisites.

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