School of Social Work



Birnie-Lefcovitch, S., B.A. Sir George Williams, M.S.W. McGill, Ph.D. Wilfrid Laurier ; Associate Professor

Associate Director - Undergraduate Studies


Graduate Officer



Bella, L., B.A. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, M.S.W. British Columbia, Ph.D. Alberta

Kimberley, M.D., B.A. Carleton, M.S.W. McGill, D.S.W. Toronto

Sachdev, P., B.A. India, Dip. Soc. Wel. Policy The Hague, M.S.W. Illinois, Ph.D. Wisconsin, Winner of the President's Award for Outstanding Research, 1985-86

Associate Professors

Fitzpatrick, J., B.A., B.S.W. Memorial, M.S.W. Toronto, Ph.D. Memorial

Hardy, D., B.S.W. Memorial, M.S.W. Carleton, Ph.D. Maine

Klein, R., B.S. Arizona, M.S.W. Maryland, M.A., Ph.D. Syracuse

Sullivan, N., B.A. York, M.S.W. Carleton, Ph.D. Toronto

Taylor, S., B.S.W. Memorial, M.S.W. Toronto, Ph.D. Memorial

Assistant Professors

Ball, H., B.A.(Hons.) Guelph, M.S.W., Ph.D. Wilfrid Laurier

Brake, S., B.S.W., M.S.W. Memorial

Devine, M., B.S.W., M.S.W. Memorial

Oliver, E., B.S.W. Memorial, M.S.W. British Columbia

Parsons, J.E., B.A. Memorial, B.S.W. Windsor, M.S.W., Dip.Soc.Admin. Wilfrid Laurier

Adjunct Professors

Burford, G., B.A. St. Martin's College, Washington, M.S.W. Washington, Ph.D. Stirling

Edwards, R., B.A. Augustana College, Illinois, M.A. Univ. of Chicago, Ph.D. State University of New York at Albany

Hawkins, F.R., B.A., B.Ed. Memorial, M.S.W. Toronto, D.S.W. Tulane

Pennell, J., A.B. Earlham College, M.S.W. Dalhousie, Ph.D. Bryn Mawr College

Chair in Child Protection

Barter, K.A., B.A. Memorial, M.S.W. Calgary, Ph.D. Wilfrid Laurier

Field Administrator

Murray, S., B.A., B.S.W., M.S.W. Memorial

Innovative and Collaborative Social Work Program/Continuing Education Coordinator


Student Services Coordinator

Hutchens, M.B., B.S.W., M.S.W. Memorial

Sessional Instructors

Boland, B., B.S.W., M.S.W. Memorial

Seymour, P., B.S.W. Memorial

Executive Assistant to the Director

Noel, B.

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