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General management of the work terms in the Co-operative Program is the responsibility of the School of Human Kinetics and Recreation. The School, through its Program Manager and delegates, is responsible for assisting potential employers to become involved in the program, for the continual development of employment opportunities, for arranging student-employer interviews, for counselling of students, for visiting them on their work assignments and for the grading of the work term.

Students and employers choose each other through the School's placement process. Job notices are posted and students may apply for up to twelve interviews. Employers' representatives come on campus and interview students, after which both the students and employers express their preferences for one another.

Students are placed by the School to fit expressed preference. While the School does not guarantee paid placement, every effort is made to ensure that appropriate employment is made available. In the case of students who are required to withdraw from the program, the School has no responsibility for placement until they have been re-admitted to the program.

Salaries paid cooperative students are determined within the employer's own wage structure, and can be expected to increase as the student progresses through the program and assumes more responsibility. However, students should not expect income from work terms to make them completely self-supporting.

Students in the co-operative program give permission to prospective employers, in the course of the interview process, to have access to their records, which contain their academic marks and their work term evaluations. After placement, students may not withdraw from a specific job situation unless prior permission is obtained from the Program Manager of the School.

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