The Distance Education and Learning Technologies unit delivers Memorial's degree and certificate credit courses and programs to distance education students across the province and around the world. It offers 250 courses annually, in 26 different disciplines, in 10 different faculties/schools. There are more than 13,000 student registrations annually. Courses are available in the following degree areas: business, education, health, maritime studies, social work, and technology.

The unit provides logistical support on behalf of the academic units toward the management, development and delivery of Memorial's distance education program. Specifically, the School acts as ombudsman to distance education students, serves as a point of contact for students, and provides a student services office.

Memorial's distance education courses are delivered through the use of multimedia including print materials (e.g. manual, collection of readings, textbook), web based, video and/or audio programs and in some cases, teleconference sessions. The precise combination of educational media employed varies with each course. In addition, there are 150 courses offered online.

Distance education courses provide a standard of instruction equivalent to on-campus courses. Students receive full university credit for distance education courses (excluding certificate credit courses of the certificate programs in Career Development, Criminology, Municipal Administration, and Library Studies).

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