Interim Director
Whalen, D.M., Dip.A.A. C.T.T., B.VocEd., MBA, Memorial

Manager, Courses and Programs
Healey, E.M., B.Voc.Ed., M.Ed. Memorial

Administrative Staff
Clairmont, G., Administrative Secretary


Interim Director
Vaughan, A.M., B.A., B.Ed., M.A. British Columbia

Associate Director/Director of STEM~Net
Parsons Heath, N., B.Sc., B.Ed., MBA, M.Ed Memorial

Associate Director
Hyde, R., B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed. Memorial

Manager, Instructional Development Office
Bragg, E.M., B.A.(Ed) Memorial, M.A. St. Francis Xavier, D.Ed. Toronto

Administrative Staff
Mahon, P., Secretary
Porter, C., Administrative Staff Specialist

The School of Continuing Education is dedicated to providing open and accessible learning opportunities in conformity with the university's strategic outreach education and its dedication to providing a superior learning environment through responsive and innovative teaching as outlined in the document "Launch Forth".

Specifically, the Distance Education and Learning Technologies unit is responsible for meeting the needs of part-time and distance education students. These needs are met by the production and administration of courses and programs originating in other faculties or schools and through certificate and diploma programs originating in the Division of Lifelong Learning. In addition, the Division of Lifelong Learning serves the continuing education and lifelong learning needs of the general public through presentation of personal and professional development courses on selected topics. The School is mandated to provide continuing education opportunities for students, faculty and staff within the university through the provision of various academic support services.

Certificate Programs

Diploma Program in Information Technology

Personal and Professional Development Non-Credit Courses

Distance Education Program

Media Production Services

Instructional Development Office



The Division of Lifelong Learning offers more than 100 courses/seminars/ workshops per semester in personal and professional development. These offerings are non-credit in nature. Program areas include personal computing, languages, culture and heritage, personal effectiveness, as well as courses in the visual and performing arts. Instructors are drawn from the community and are usually recognized for their achievements in their fields of instruction.

This program is an excellent continuing education service for individuals seeking "one time" training. It also serves as a valuable introduction to the university setting for persons interested in pursuing diploma or certificate studies. Personal and professional development courses are generally offered on-campus during the fall and winter semesters. A reduced program is offered in the spring.

There are no formal admission requirements for Personal and Professional Development courses.

The Division also administers certificate programs and works with the academic departments of the university to provide program development services (in staff training and development) to business, industry and public sector agencies.

For information on courses or programs administered by the Division of Lifelong Learning, please call or write:

Division of Lifelong Learning
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NF
A1C 5S7
Tel.: 737-7979
Fax: 737-8486

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