General management of the work terms in the Co-operative Program is the responsibility of Business Co-operative Education. Through its co-ordinators, it is responsible for assisting potential employers to become involved in the program, for the continual development of employment opportunities, for arranging student-employer interviews, for counselling of students, for visiting students on their work assignments and for the evaluation of the work term.

Students and employers choose each other through the job competition process. Job advertisements are posted and students may apply for up to twelve positions. Employers interview students, and both the students and employers express their preferences for one another.

Students are then placed by Business Co-operative Education to reflect expressed preferences. Placement is not guaranteed but every effort is made to ensure that appropriate employment is made available. In the case of students who are required to withdraw from the program, Business Co-operative Education has no responsibility for placement until they have been re-admitted to the program.

Salaries paid to co-operative students are determined by employers based upon their internal wage structures, and tend to increase as the student progresses through the program and assumes more responsibility. However, students should not expect the income from work terms to make them completely self-supporting.

Students in the Co-operative Program give permission to prospective employers, in the course of the placement process, to have access to their records, which contain their academic marks and their work term evaluations. After accepting a position, students may not withdraw from a specific job situation unless prior permission is obtained from the Dean or his delegate.


Aker Oil and Gas Technology UK, Aberdeen, Scotland

Aliant Inc., St. John's, NF

Allied Irish Bank, Dublin, Ireland

Amalco Foods, St. John's, NF

Anderson's Liquor & Cold Beer, Devon, AB

Anthony & Smith, C.A., St. John's, NF

Arthritis Society, St. John's, NF

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, Moncton, NB

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, St. John's, NF

Atlantic Colleges Committee for Entrepreneurial Development, St. John's, NF

Atlantic Lottery Corporation, St. John's, NF

Auditor General's Office, St. John's, NF

Avalon West Community Development Corporation, Placentia, NF

Bank of Montreal, St. John's, NF

Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank), St. John's, NF

Bank One Mortgage Corp., Phoenix, Arizona

Barry Group Inc., St. John's, NF

Beothic Fish Processors Ltd., Valleyfield, NF

Beth Tikvah Synagogue, Toronto, ON

Big Brothers/Big Sisters, St. John's, NF

BOC Information Technology Consultants Ltd., Dublin, Ireland

Bowater Incorporated, Thunder Bay, ON

Bowring Park Foundation Inc., St. John's, NF

Brookfield Dairy Group, St. John's, NF

Bursey Cleaners & Contracting Limited, St. John's, NF

Business Enterprise Centre, Kitchener, ON

C-CORE, St. John's, NF

Cabinet Secretariat, Executive Council, St. John's, NF

Cable Atlantic, St. John's, NF

Canada Bread Company Ltd., Toronto, ON

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency, St. John's, NF

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, St. John's, NF

Canadian Diabetes Association, St. John's, NF

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Victoria, BC

CHC Helicopter Corporation, St. John's, NF

CHC Helicopter Corporation Western, Edmonton, AB

Chester Dawe Limited, St. John's, NF

Chevron Canada Resources, Calgary, AB

CIBC World Markets Inc., London, UK

City of St. John's, St. John's, NF

Coflexip Stena Offshore, Paris, France

Community Services Council of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's, NF

Corner Brook Pulp & Paper Ltd., Corner Brook, NF

Corporate Development Group, St. John's, NF

Country Ribbon Inc., St. John's, NF

Creative Canvas, Goulds, NF

Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corp., St. John's, NF

David A. Hood, C.A., St. John's, NF

Dawe Consulting, St. John's, NF

Deloitte & Touche LLP, St. John's, NF

Deloitte & Touche LLP, Saint John, NB

Demag Delaval, Hengelo, The Netherlands

Dept. of Education, St. John's, NF

Dept. of Finance, St. John's, NF

Dept. of Forestry & Agrifoods, St. John's, NF

Dept. of Health & Community Services, St. John's, NF

Dept. of Health & Community Services, Western Region, Corner Brook, NF

Dept. of Industry, Trade & Rural Development, St. John's, NF

Dept. of Industry, Trade & Technology, St. John's, NF

Dept. of Labour, St. John's, NF

Dept. of Mines & Energy, St. John's, NF

Dept. of Tourism, St. John's, NF

Dept. of Works, Services & Transportation, St. John's, NF

Dept. of Youth Services & Post-Secondary Education, St. John's, NF

DuPont Canada Inc., Mississauga, ON

DWC Financial Group, St. John's, NF

Edmonton International Airport, Edmonton, AB

Edwards & Associates Ltd., St. John's, NF

EnergyWise, Arnhem, The Netherlands

ENMAX Corporation, Calgary, AB

Environment Canada, Hull, QC

Ernst & Young LLP, St. John's, NF

Export Development Corporation, Ottawa, ON

ExxonMobil Canada, St. John's, NF

Financial & Administrative Services, St. John's, NF

Financial Concept Group, St. John's, NF

Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John's, NF

Fisheries & Oceans Canada, St. John's, NF

Fisheries & Oceans Canada/Canadian Coast Guard, St. John's, NF

Fishery Products International Ltd., St. John's, NF

Fortis Properties Corporation, St. John's, NF

GlaxoSmithKline, Harlow, UK

GlaxoSmithKline, Philadelphia

Global Trading & Research State Street Bank, Boston, MA

Grand Concourse Authority, St. John's, NF

Grant Thornton LLP, St. John's, NF

Grant Thornton LLP, Corner Brook, NF

Grant Thornton LLP, Grand Falls, NF

Grant Thornton LLP, Marystown, NF

Grant Thornton LLP, Mississauga, ON

Grant Thornton LLP, Orillia, ON

Grant Thornton LLP, Peace River, AB

Halliburton Energy Services, St. John's, NF

Harris Ryan Chartered Accountants, St. John's, NF

Health Bridges Inc., St. John's

Health Care Corporation of St. John's, St. John's, NF

Hibernia Management & Development Co., St. John's, NF

Human Resource & Development Canada, St. John's, NF

Human Resource & Development Canada, Hull, ON

Human Resource & Development Canada, Stephenville, NF

Husky Energy, St. John's, NF

iMIRADOR.com Inc., St. John's, NF

Imperial Tobacco Limited, Corner Brook, NF

Industry Canada, Ottawa, ON

Industry Canada, St. John's, NF

Institute for Marine Dynamics, St. John's, NF

IRO, Zoetermeer, The Netherlands

Iron Ore Company of Canada, Labrador City, NF

J. Pike & Company, Corner Brook, NF

J.D. Irving, Limited and its Group of Companies, Saint John, NB

J.D. Irving, Limited and its Group of Companies, Fredericton, NB

J.D. Irving, Limited and its Group of Companies, Sussex, NB

Jeff Blackwood & Associates, St. John's, NF

Johnson Incorporated, St. John's, NF

Kenmount Park Community Centre, Mount Pearl, NF

Kids Eat Smart Foundation, Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's, NF

Kittiwake Coast Economic Dev. Corp., Gander, NF

Knights of Columbus, St. John's, NF

Kongsberg-Simrad Mesotech Ltd., Halifax, NS

Kvaerner SNC-Lavalin Offshore, St. John's, NF

Kwa's Krafts, St. John's, NF

L&G Business Advisors Inc., St. John's, NF

L. Robert Enterprises, Fort McMurray, AB

Labrador Metis Association, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NF

Lakecrest, St. John's Independent School, St. John's, NF

Lazer Entertainment Centres Ltd., St. John's, NF

Lewisporte Chamber of Commerce, Lewisporte, NF

Linamar Corporation, Guelph, ON

Living Rooms, St. John's, NF

London Offshore Consultants, London, UK

M5 Marketing Communications, St. John's, NF

MacLine Ltd./PCLine Ltd., Cambridge, UK

Marine Institute Student Union, St. John's, NF

McKay Landau, Chartered Accountants, Iqaluit, NWT

Metro Business Opportunities Corp., St. John's, NF

Motability, Technical Directorate, Harlow, UK

Multi-Materials Stewardship Board, St. John's, NF

MUN Business Administration, St. John's, NF

MUN Centre for Career Development, St. John's, NF

MUN Centre for Int. Bus. Studies, St. John's, NF

MUN Computing & Communications, St. John's, NF

MUN Faculty of Arts Publications, St. John's, NF

MUN Memorial University Student Union, St. John's, NF

MUN Student Recruitment & Promotion, St. John's, NF

Murray Industrial Limited, St. John's, NF

Museum Assoc. of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's, NF

National Research Council Canada, Ottawa, ON

Newfoundland & Labrador Housing Corp., St. John's, NF

Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro, St. John's, NF

Newfoundland & Labrador Assoc. of Technology Industries, St. John's, NF

Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Assoc., St. John's, NF

Newfoundland Ocean Industries Assoc., St. John's, NF

Newfoundland Power, St. John's, NF

NewSul Enterprises Inc., St. John's, NF

NewTech Instruments Ltd., St. John's, NF

Newtel Mobility, St. John's, NF

NKHK Chartered Accountants, St. John's, NF

Nortel, Ottawa, ON

North Atlantic Refining Ltd., Come-by-Chance, NF

North Atlantic Refining Ltd., St. John's, NF

Notre Dame Financial Services, Lewisporte, NF

Oceanex Ltd., St. John's, NF

Offshore Safety and Survival Centre, Foxtrap, NF

Pacific Sport National Rugby Centre, Victoria, BC

Parkdale Pharmacy, St. John's, NF

PCL Industrial Constructors Inc., Bull Arm, NF

Personal Credit Counselling Service of Newfoundland and Labrador, St. John's, NF

Petro-Canada, Terra Nova Project, St. John's, NF

PGA Enterprises Ltd., St. John's, NF

Phoenix Hydraulics, Nisku, AB

PhotoTec Services Inc., St. John's, NF

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, St. John's, NF

Provincial Airlines, St. John's, NF

Public Service Commission of Canada, St. John's, NF

Public Utilities Board, St. John's, NF

Public Works & Government Services Canada, Ottawa, ON

Publishing World (Oilworks), St. John's, NF

Quikprint Services Ltd., St. John's, NF

RBC Dominion Securities, Victoria, BC

Reddy Kilowatt, St. John's, NF

Rideau Hall, Ottawa, ON

Roy Solbak Walsh Chartered Accountants, Fort McMurray, AB

Royal Bank Financial Group, St. John's, NF

Royal Bank of Canada, St. John's, NF

Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto, ON

SCI Brockville Corp., Brockville, ON

Seawatch Inc., St. John's, NF

SERCA, Mississauga, ON

Sieved.com, St. John's, NF

Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell Historical Society, St. Anthony, NF

Smit International, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

St. John's Nursing Home Board, St. John's, NF

Stratos Mobile Networks, St. John's, NF

Stride Rite Corporation, Lexington, MA

Suncor Energy Inc., Fort McMurray, AB

Sunnybrook and Women's College Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, ON

Syncrude Canada Limited, Fort McMurray, AB

Terra Nova Alliance, St. John's, NF

Tevreden BV, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

The Co-operators, Guelph, ON

Toromont Cat, St. John's, NF

Toronto Dominion Canada Trust, St. John's, NF

Town of Lewisporte, Lewisporte, NF

Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philip's, Portugal Cove/St. Philip's, NF

TRA Newfoundland, Mount Pearl, NF

Treasury Board Secretariat, St. John's, NF

Trinity Conception Community Development Corporation, Carbonear, NF

Vector Aerospace Corporation, St. John's, NF

Wainwright Credit Union, Wainwright, AB

West Side Charlies, St. John's, NF

Williams Roebothan McKay & Marshall, St. John's, NF

Workplace Health, Safety & Compensation Commission, St. John's, NF

XL Technology Ltd., Ascot, UK

xwave, St. John's, NF

xwave, Ottawa, ON

Y Enterprise Centre, St. John's, NF

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