Program Supervisor: Dr. Adrian Tanner, Department of Anthropology


The Sociology/Anthropology Interdepartmental Program is for students whose Major interests lie in areas which overlap departmental boundaries. It was originally (1973-80) a program option within both the Anthropology and Sociology Departments. The purpose of the program is to provide for a systematic study of human society through accessible works of Sociology and Anthropology which are not narrowly limited to one discipline. Courses are topical, regional or integrative in character, and a balanced plan of study will include some of each type, with the integrative courses scheduled to follow and draw together lessons of the others. The program has both Major and Minor components, the details of which are given below. In constructing their individual study plans, students should consult the Program Supervisor wherever questions arise as to the optimum sequence or suitability of particular courses. S/A program courses are also part of the Sociology and Anthropology department listings, and may be taken by students in these and other departments, providing they have the appropriate prerequisites or permission of the instructor.


S/A courses at the 2000 level have no prerequisites. For courses at the 3000 or 4000 level students must have taken six credit hours in S/A courses at the 2000 level. For prerequisites for all Sociology and Anthropology courses other than S/A courses see the Sociology or Anthropology departmental regulations. In addition, some courses may have other specific prerequisites, as noted in this calendar, or as set out in the course description. These may, however, be waived at the discretion of the Program Supervisor or delegate for students who can demonstrate they have equivalent or alternate preparation for the course. If there is any question about this students should, in the first instance, consult the instructor.


Students who wish to enter these programs must submit a "Declaration/Change of Academic Program" form to the Program Coordinator.

To be eligible to declare a Major or Minor in Sociology/Anthropology, all applicants must have completed a minimum of 30 credit hours in courses which will include the following:

-21 credit hours in courses other than Sociology/Anthropology (at the 1000 and 2000-levels), with a minimum overall average of 60%, and

-a 2000-level course in Sociology/Anthropology, with a minimum grade of B-65%.


A major in the S/A program must complete at least 36 credit hours, consisting of 24 credit hours in S/A courses, plus a minimum of 12 additional credit hours (see below).

The 24 credit hours in S/A must include the following:

a) Nine credit hours in introductory courses, including:
- At least six credit hours in S/A courses at the 2000 level;
- Three credit hours in courses chosen from Sociology 1000*, Sociology 2000, Sociology 2250, Anthropology 1031, or an additional 2000 level S/A course.

* Inactive Course

NOTE: Ideally, the nine credit hours in courses at the introductory level should be taken before work on the 3000 level is begun; however, one introductory course may be taken concurrent to work at the 3000 level.

b) S/A 3600, followed by S/A 4000.
c) An additional three credit hours from S/A courses at the 4000 level.
d) Six additional credit hours in S/A courses at the 3000 or 4000 level, to complete the 24 S/A credit hours requirement.

The 12 additional credit hours shall be completed from the following:
- Any Sociology, Anthropology or S/A courses, in any combination, at least six credit hours of which must be taken in courses at the 3000 or 4000 levels.


A Minor in Sociology/Anthropology requires completion of 24 credit hours in S/A courses, as follows:

a) at least nine credit hours in courses at the 2000 level
b) at least 15 credit hours in courses at the 3000 and 4000 level, including S/A 3600 and S/A 4000.

Students will normally complete at least six credit hours in courses at the 2000-level before proceeding to the 3000 and 4000 levels.


a) Admission. See University Regulations.
b) Honours students must meet all requirements for the S/A Major, must successfully complete either S/A 4990 or S/A 4991, and must satisfy all the University regulations for the Honours Degree of Bachelor of Arts.

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