All students majoring in Geography must complete 18 credit hours in the following core: 1010, 1011, 2001, 2102, 2195, 2302.

Mathematics 1000, or 1090 and 1000, or 1050 and 1051 are also required. In addition, one of the following quantitative methods courses is required: Geography 2220 or Statistics 2500 or Statistics 2510. Students majoring in Geography are strongly recommended to complete a quantitative methods course before the end of their second year.

Geography 1010 and 1011 are normally prerequisite to other courses in the core. This prerequisite may be waived in special circumstances with the permission of the Head of the Department. For the purposes of requirements and prerequisites, Geography 1000 and 1001 are understood to be equivalents to 1010 and 1011. See the Sir Wilfred Grenfell College section of the calendar for the descriptions of 1000 and 1001.


A minimum of 45 credit hours in Geography is required, which must include the core of 18 credit hours, and (a) either Geography 2220 and 24 additional credit hours in Geography, or (b) Statistics 2500 or Statistics 2510 and 27 additional credit hours in Geography. The 24 or 27 additional credit hours are to be chosen in accordance with the following pattern:

1) Twelve credit hours in courses from at least three of the following groups:

A: 2200, 3200, 3250, 3260
B: 3303, 3325, 3701
C: 3000, 3610, 3620, 3800
D: 3110, 3120, 3140, 3150

2) Twelve (or 15) further credit hours in Geography, at least six of which must be chosen from courses at the 4000 level.

3) Geography courses numbered 3215, 3900-3909, 3990-3999, 4290, 4291, 4900-4919, 4990 and 4999 are special topics courses and honours courses. These cannot normally be used to fulfil the 45 credit hours minimum required for the major. They can, however, be used as elective courses above the major requirements.

B.A. candidates must complete a Minor in another subject or a second Major in accordance with General Regulations.

B.Sc. candidates must complete credits from other Science disciplines as follows:

a) Mathematics 1000, or 1090 and 1000, or 1050 and 1051.

b) twelve credit hours from not more than two of the following disciplines:

Physics 1020 and 1021 (or 1050 and 1054)
Chemistry 1050 and 1051 (or Chemistry 1010 and 1011)
Biology 1001 and 1002
Earth Sciences 1000 and 1001
Psychology 1000 and 1001

Note: Computer Science 1700 may be substituted for three of the required twelve credit hours.

c) fifteen further credit hours in Science outside Geography at the 2000-level or above.


1. Students intending to take an Honours degree in Geography must apply for entry to the Honours program through the Office of the Registrar.

2. Students who are accepted for the Honours program must:

a) arrange their program in consultation with the Head of the Department;
b) comply with the General Regulations for Honours Degrees;
c) complete at least 60 credit hours in courses in Geography which must include
i) 45 credit hours in courses as listed under Major in Geography described above
ii) Geography 3230, 4990 and 4999
iii) six additional credit hours in Geography courses at the 4000-level


Programs for Joint Honours and Joint Major degrees towards the B.Sc. in Geography and Computer Science and a Joint Honours in Earth Science (Geology) and Geography may be found under the heading "Joint Programs" in the entry for the Faculty of Science.

Students who wish to take Joint Honours in Geography and some other subject must arrange their programs in consultation with the heads of the Departments concerned, and comply with the General Regulations for Honours Degrees.


Candidates minoring in Geography must complete 24 credit hours in courses including: 1010, 1011, 2001, 2102, 2195, 2302.


Candidates for the B.Ed.(Primary) or B.Ed. (Elementary) degrees with a concentration in Geography must complete at least 18 credit hours as follows:
- Geography 1010, 1011 (or 1000, 1001)
- Geography 2001, 2102, 2195 and 2302


Information regarding the Diploma Program in Geographic Information Sciences may be found in the section Diploma Programs Offered in the Faculty of Arts.

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