See General Regulations for Honours Degree. Students shall complete the following:

At least fifty-one credit hours in Computer Science courses are required including the following:

a) 1700, 2710, 2711, 2740, 2741, 3711, 3714, 3724, 3725, 3740, 4718, and 4721.

b) Excluding 4780, fifteen additional credit hours from courses numbered 3000 or higher, at least nine credit hours of which must be in courses at the 4000 level.

The following courses in Mathematics and Statistics are required:

a) M 1000, M 1001, M 2000, M 2001, M 2050, M 2051, AM 2130, AM/PM 3201, AM/PM 3202, AM/PM 3210, AM/PM 3260, PM 3301, PM 3320, PM 3340, ST 2510;

b) Excluding PM 4399, fifteen additional credit hours in courses offered by the Department of Mathematics and Statistics numbered 3000 or higher including at least nine credit hours from courses numbered 4000 or higher and at least nine credit hours in Pure Mathematics courses;

c) An Honours Dissertation in one of the departments, with the topic chosen in consultation with both departments.

NOTES: 1) With the exception of Computer Science 2602 -Basic and Fortran, students in this programme shall not receive credit for Computer Science service courses.

2) Each student will be assigned a Faculty Advisor in each Department. These advisors must be consulted on all academic matters and must approve the selection of courses before registration each semester.

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