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Faculty List

Physical Education Co-operative Education

Faculty List


Higgs, C., Dip.Phy.Ed. St. Luke's, B.Sc., M.Sc. Oregon, M.Ed. Memorial, Ph.D. Oregon; Professor

Associate Director, Service Programme

Butler, F.T., B.P.E. Memorial, M.Ed.(P.E.) Springfield

Associate Professors

Behm, D.G., B.P.E., B.Ed. Ottawa, M.S. McMaster, Ph.D. McGill

Kavanagh, B.G., B.P.E., B.Ed., M.P.E. Memorial, Ph.D. Iowa

Kuester, V., Dip.Phys.Ed. Durham, M.Ed. Bowling Green

Loeffler, T.A., B.A. Prescott College, M.S. Mankato State, Ph.D. Minnesota

Assistant Professors

Tirone, S.C., B.A.(Rec.) Waterloo, M.A. Dalhousie, Ph.D. Waterloo

Wheeler, R.E., B.P.E., B.Ed., M.P.E. Memorial, Ph.D. Alberta

White, M.D., B.Sc.(Hon.), M.Sc. Simon Fraser, Ph.D. Université Laval

Physical Education Co-operative Programme

Barron, M., B.P.E. Calgary; Manager

Downey, J.A., B.Sc. Memorial; Co-ordinator

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