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(These Regulations apply to all non-Co-operative degree programmes. Co-operative degree programmes have separate Evaluation and Promotion Regulations.)

1) The Academic Council of the School constitutes the examining body for all Bachelor of Kinesiology and Bachelor of Recreation Degree students. The standing of every student will be assessed at the end of each academic term by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies which will then make its recommendations to Academic Council. The decisions of the Academic Council will be issued to individual students by mail and will be forwarded to the Registrar.

2) Students have the right to appeal any decision made by the School in regard to their promotion. Any such appeal must be made in writing to the Chair of the Committee on Undergraduate Studies of the School, within one month of the issue of results by the Academic Council.

3) A student's status at the end of each academic term will be in one of the following three categories:

a) Clear - requires an overall average of at least 60% with a mark of at least 60% in all Kinesiology, Physical Education and Recreation courses, and at least 50% in all non-Kinesiology, non-Physical Education and non-Recreation courses.

b) Probation - requires an overall average of at least 60%, with at least 50% in all courses, and at most one Kinesiology, Physical Education or Recreation course mark below 60%.

c) Promotion Denied - if none of the above sets of criteria is satisfied.

4) The Academic Council of the School may grant advancement to a student notwithstanding the advancement requirements given above. A decision of this nature will be made only for reasons acceptable to Academic Council and in the case of a student thought likely to succeed in future terms.

5) A student who has clear standing under clause 3) a) above can continue in the programme.

6) A student with a probationary standing under clause 3) b) above may be permitted to continue with no conditions other than those of clause 10) which must be met by the end of the next term.

7) A student who has been denied promotion under clause 3) c) above will be required to withdraw from the programme. Students denied promotion may seek to be re-admitted to the programme, after two semesters. Students will be required to repeat all professional courses in which they obtained less than a grade of 60% in that term. Those wishing to do so must apply for re-admission in accordance with the School and University re-admission regulations.

8) A student shall be permitted only one re-admission to the Bachelor of Kinesiology degree programme.

9) A student with 2 probationary promotions will not be allowed to continue into the next term until the student's status is transferred to a clear promotion under conditions outlined in clause 10).

10) A student with a probationary continuance or continuance denied at the end of the final term of the Bachelor of Kinesiology, Bachelor of Kinesiology Honours, Bachelor of Recreation and Bachelor of Recreation Honours degree programmes will not be recommended for graduation until the student's status is changed to that of clear promotion.

11) Transfer from a probationary promotion to a clear promotion will entail satisfying the School that the student is competent in the subject of the Kinesiology, Physical Education and Recreation course in which the student has failed to achieve 60%. This will normally entail re-examination, upon which the student will be declared to have passed or failed a test of competency in the subject concerned, without the assignment of a numerical grade on the test. Re-examination may be written, oral, practical or a combination of formats.

A re-examination will be at a time determined by the School. Failure to submit to the re-examination or failure in the re-examination will result in denial of promotion.

Remedial studies, including courses, may be recommended to be completed before re-examination.

12) Students may be required to withdraw from their programme at any time, if, in the opinion of the School, they are unlikely to profit from continued attendance.

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