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The School of Pharmacy is committed to providing an undergraduate programme of quality and excellence that will produce individuals who will contribute significantly in all settings of pharmacy practice. Students studying towards the B.Sc.(Pharmacy) degree will acquire, as a first priority, a substantial background in both the biological and physical sciences and the humanities. Following this, students will receive an extensive education and intensive training in the fields of pharmacy and cognate health sciences. The melding of these disciplines produces the modern pharmacist.

The programme of study leading to the B.Sc.(Pharmacy) has two phases and requires at least 5 years to complete. First, students must complete the 2 years of pre- entrance studies as described below (Admission to the School of Pharmacy, Regulation 6). Students will then be selected for Pharmacy Studies in which they will study the pharmaceutical and cognate health sciences for 3 years (see Course List). NOTE: ENTRY INTO THE FINAL 3 YEARS OF THE PROGRAMME IS COMPETITIVE. SELECTION WILL BE MADE FROM THOSE WHO HAVE COMPLETED THE PRE-ENTRANCE STUDIES (SEE REGULATION 4, ADMISSION TO THE SCHOOL OF PHARMACY).


1) All applications for entry to the programme for the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy must be submitted to the Office of the Registrar of the University on or before the deadline of March 31 in any year.

2) Applications will be reviewed after the closing date by the Admissions Committee of the School of Pharmacy. This Committee has the delegated authority of the School Council to admit or decline to admit applicants, following guidelines and procedures acceptable to that Council.

3) Admissions will normally be to the first year of pharmacy studies. In some circumstances, however, admission with advanced standing may be offered.

4) Entry to the School of Pharmacy is on the basis of competition for a fixed number of places. The Admissions Committee takes into account the applicant's academic background, performance on the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT) and information on an applicant's personal qualities and achievements as given by the applicant and by referees' reports. In some cases personal interviews may be required. Priority is given to applicants who are bona fide residents of this province and who are Canadian citizens, or permanent residents.

5) The Admission Committee's decision to admit or decline to admit an applicant will be made on the basis of the competition for entry in the year of application and will be determined by the Committee's judgement of the likelihood of an applicant succeeding in the academic and professional studies leading to the award of the B.Sc.(Pharm.) and the eventual practice of pharmacy.

6) Eligibility: To be eligible for consideration, an applicant shall have completed a minimum of 60 credit hours which have been taken or accepted for credit at a recognized University or University College, before entry to the School of Pharmacy.

Students applying to enter are normally required to have completed each of the following courses or their equivalents:

- Biology 1001, 1002
- Chemistry 1050, 1051; or 1010, 1011, and 1031
- Chemistry 2400, 2401 and 2300
- English 1080, 1101 or equivalent
- Mathematics 1000
- Mathematics 1001
- Physics 1020, 1021; or 1050 and 1054
- Psychology 1000, 1001
- Statistics 2550

In addition to the above courses, students should have six credit hours, preferably from the following list:

- Anthropology
- Classics
- English
- Fine Arts
- Folklore
- Geography
- History
- Linguistics
- Music
- Philosophy
- Political Science
- Religious Studies
- Second Language
- Sociology
- Women's Studies

No application will be considered from an applicant who cannot produce evidence that the above requirements have been met or will have been met by the time of entry into the School of Pharmacy.

7) Students are advised to declare a major in order to assist in their course enrollments. Because of the limited number of places, students are strongly advised to plan their courses with an alternative degree programme in mind.

8) Each applicant is responsible for ensuring that all the required information on the application form, e.g., transcripts, PCAT scores, referee reports, is supplied to the Admissions Committee, and for providing any further information required by the Committee. An application will not be considered to be complete until all documentation has been received.

9) Notification of the decision of the Admissions Committee of the School of Pharmacy will be made to candidates by the Director of the School of Pharmacy. No other form of notification can be considered official.

10) The letter of acceptance will give the successful applicant fourteen (14) days in which to confirm that she/he will accept the place offered. The signed intention to accept the offer must be accompanied by a deposit of $100, which will be credited towards tuition fees. The deposit will be forfeited if the applicant subsequently declines the offer or fails to enroll. If no reply is received within 14 days, the offer by the School of Pharmacy will be withdrawn and the applicant will be informed of this by letter.

11) Unsuccessful applicants who wish to re-apply for admission are required to submit the application forms relevant to the year of re-application and be required to enter into the competition for that year.

12) An unsuccessful applicant has the right to appeal the decision of the Admissions Committee not to offer her/him a place, if it is felt by the applicant that the decision was reached on grounds other than those specified in paragraph 4 above. The appeal should be made in writing within fourteen days of the notification of the decision and should be directed to the Director of the School of Pharmacy. The letter should state clearly and fully the grounds for the appeal. If the Director of the School of Pharmacy, in consultation with the Registrar, judges the grounds to be sufficient, the formal appeals mechanism will be initiated.

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