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The Social Work programme started at Memorial in 1963 offering a two-year diploma in Public Welfare. In 1965 the B.A. (Social Welfare) degree was initiated and continued until 1970. The present B.S.W. programme which was established in 1970 is accredited by the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work.

The programme requires a four-year period of university study beyond the First Year. Its aim is to educate social workers with broadly-based generalist skills in working with individuals, families, communities and groups. Since a majority of our students will work in this province, special emphasis is placed on local needs and on social work in rural settings. This does not prevent our graduates from working in larger urban centres.

In addition to course work, students are required to complete two supervised field placements which are an integral part of the programme. Students may be expected to accept placements in settings throughout the province. In the fourth year students spend four days per week in the Fall Term in the field. In the fifth year students spend one full term in the field. The field component is designed to provide students with a broadened experience of social work in natural practice settings and to give maturing students an opportunity to test out and develop their educational interests and career goals.

The Bachelor of Social Work degree qualifies the graduate for beginning professional practice in social work. The objectives of the undergraduate programme are the achievement of (1) a liberal education involving general knowledge of people and nature, use of analytical and critical competence and personal social responsibility, and (2) the learning of the fundamental knowledge, values and skills necessary for professional practice.

The curriculum in Social Work draws upon the substance and analytical processes of the social and behavioural sciences and of the humanities. Consequently it is essential that all Social Work students complete courses in various disciplines defined as prerequisite to particular social work studies, and beyond that, select among studies which are recommended as significantly related to the general objectives of or to particular foci in social work study. Students, however, are cautioned to give careful attention to the regulations of other University Faculties and Schools. Not all students applying for admission to the School of Social Work will necessarily be admitted, so it is advisable not to obstruct an alternative study programme in making choices among courses.

The School of Social Work may deliver special offerings of the BSW, Diploma and/or other programmes of the school to identified groups of out-of-province students where numbers warrant. These offerings will be self supporting, and therefore subject to an additional one-time non-refundable tuition fee as approved by the Board of Regents, and payable on first registration following formal admission to the programme. Students will also pay appropriate tuition fees for each course registration during their tenure in the programme.

Admission to the special offerings of these programmes will be competitive, using the same procedures and standards that are in place for students applying to the St. John's campus program(s).

Subject to approval by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies for the School of Social Work, students admitted to an out-of-province programme offering may apply to transfer to the equivalent programme on the St. John's campus. In such instances, the fee structure under which the student was admitted will not change. Subject to approval by the Committee on Undergraduate Studies for the School of Social Work, students admitted to a St. John's based programme offering may apply to transfer to the equivalent out-of-province programme. These students will be required to pay a pro-rated one-time fee upon formal transfer to the special offering.

Bachelor of Social Work as a First Degree

Bachelor of Social Work as a Second Degree

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