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The College, a campus of Memorial University of Newfoundland, was established in September 1975. In 1979 it was named Sir Wilfred Grenfell College honouring the memory of the medical missionary who pioneered medicine in northern Newfoundland and along the coast of Labrador until his death in 1940.

Four-year degree programmes in arts, science, nursing and fine arts may be completed at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College. The Bachelor of Arts degree is available in cognitive studies, environmental studies, English, historical studies, humanities, social/cultural studies, and psychology, and the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) may be obtained in psychology. The Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science (Honours) are offered in environmental science, and the University's four-year Bachelor of Nursing degree is offered in conjunction with the Western Regional School of Nursing in Corner Brook. Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees are conferred in visual arts and theatre. Most of these programmes are different from programmes offered on the St. John's campus and most are available only at Sir Wilfred Grenfell College.

Students may do the first two years of the University of New Brunswick's forest resource programme at Grenfell. In addition students may complete their first year in all programmes offered at the St. John's campus (except music). With the exception of education, social work, pharmacy and medicine, students who wish to continue their education in one of the University's professional schools normally transfer to the St. John's campus after one year. Students who wish to pursue a degree in music are advised to proceed directly to the St. John's campus for their first year of university studies.

The Division of Continuing Studies offers distance education courses in Corner Brook and in northern and western Newfoundland. The Division of Community Education also offers a wide variety of non-credit courses to the students at the College and to the general public.

The College campus affords a spectacular view of the city of Corner Brook and the scenic Bay of Islands. It comprises four buildings. The Arts and Science Building houses administrative and academic units, a bookstore, an athletics and recreation wing, a 189-bed student residence and the recently opened Student Centre. The Library and Computing Building includes the Ferriss Hodgett Library, a computer lab and a high tech lecture theatre. The Fine Arts Building contains facilities for students of theatre and visual arts, the college community and the general public. It features a 225-seat "back box" theatre, dressing rooms, scenery, costume and properties workshops, as well as an actors' green room and a rehearsal hall. The Fine Arts Building also includes an art gallery, art storage vault, studios for drawing, painting, sculpture, multi-media and photography, darkrooms, and workshops for lithography, intaglio and serigraphy. The new Forest Centre is to be a shared facility housing College's forestry programme as well as the Newfoundland Division of the Canadian Forestry Service and the Western Newfoundland Model Forest Incorporated. All campus buildings are connected, mostly by skywalks.


The Department of Student Affairs and Services is concerned with all aspects of student life at Grenfell College. It provides assistance in dealing with personal and social matters, and, in particular, problems associated with life at university. Professional counsellors provide individual and group counselling services.

Residence accommodations are co-ordinated through the Student Affairs Housing office. For students seeking off-campus accommodations, this office also has available a list of boarding houses and apartments in the Corner Brook area.

Student Affairs and Services is responsible for student recreation programmes, employment services, financial assistance and scholarships and awards tenable at Grenfell College. Students are encouraged to consult the Scholarships and Awards section of the Calendar.

One of the most frequently used services of the Department is the Learning Centre, which provides individual help and small group tutorials in literacy and numeracy instruction. The Centre also operates a career planning centre and offers a variety of workshops and seminars to assist students in their academic development and personal growth.


The Council of the Students' Union of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College represents students' interests to the College administration and on a provincial and national level through the Newfoundland and Labrador Federation of Students and the Canadian Federation of Students. The Council also promotes artistic, literary, educational, social, recreational, charitable and sporting activities for the enhancement of the students of the College.

All full and part-time students pay CSU fees and upon registration, automatically become members of the Students' Union of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College.


The Ferriss Hodgett Library is located on levels 2 and 3 of the Library & Computing Building, with seating for 203 users and includes group study rooms, audio-visual and computer carrels.

The Library holds include over 90,000 books and 550 current subscriptions, along with collections of audio-visual materials, government documents, microforms and periodicals.

A full range of public services is available including reference assistance, orientation tours and interlibrary loans, as well as access to electronic information resources, Internet, spreadsheet, word processing and presentation software.

As a branch of the University Library, the Ferriss Hodgett Library also provides its users with access to the collections and services of all other MUN libraries

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