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Any student receiving a grade of 60% in a Nursing course is eligible to write a supplementary examination in that course. Only three supplementary examinations in Nursing courses can be written during the programme.


1) Supplementary examinations are allowed only in Nursing courses that have a written final examination.

2) Supplementary examinations will have the same weight as final examinations for the course in determining whether the student achieves a passing grade for the course.

3) Any student writing a supplementary examination can only obtain a maximum grade of 65% in the course.

4) Supplementary examinations will be written no later than the first week of the semester immediately following the one in which the course was failed. Normally they should coincide with the writing of deferred examinations in courses where deferred examinations are granted for the semester in question. Grades for supplementary examinations must be received by the Registrar's Office within one week following the completion of the examination.

5) A student may write a supplementary examination for any one course only once.

6) If it is mathematically impossible to achieve a passing grade in a course, then the student will not be granted a supplementary examination.

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